Building a Log Cabin

Contained on this and following pages is a pictorial display of a 2-story log cabin house and adjacent 2-story garage recently built in the woods of North Florida, USA. The home was built by two people - Clyde and Rosemary - without the help of contractors or hired help. Clyde has worked full-time during most of the construction period, so only a few days of the week are available to work on the house. The home is built from logs bought at BK Cypress, Bronson, FL. This photo shows what the house looked like from the front in February, 1998.

This page was updated in early 1999 for the final time!

Construction Photo Album

THE HOUSE IS FINISHED (This web site is also finished)!!
Final projects finished (Nov 1998), FINAL ENTRY: (This is the last entry). Time from start to finish: aproximately 4 years, 9 months! Furniture was taken out of storage in the adjacent garage and moved to the house. Unpacking and make the home a real home took place during November and December. Before that: The 1st floor is installed, sanded and sealed. The stair steps were also finished along with the flooring. The baseboard and shoeing were also installed. This makes everything done.

Due to the large number of pictures and size of the photos, the pages are broken into several parts. Because the nature of the pages, it is advised to read all sections in the order given. The introduction section is a must.

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