Log Cabin Construction

The Roof

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More pictures of the roof as it was being built. Be sure to visit the main page for more pictures and information.

Sewer Vent
The sewer vent and one of the only pictures on the right (northeast) side of the roof.

Checking things
Checking the work (and trying to figure out how to get down without slipping).

More roof
The builder's sons help with the roof pieces.

A slide?
A look at the valley ridge over the kitchen porch (west center of house at camera's position).

Tar paper
Tar paper has been laid on this section and the strips of wood to which the tin will be screwed in are coming into place. Here Clyde measures the last piece of the all important valley ridge.

More strips
More strips of wood get put up.

Roof side
A view of the roof from outside the north window looking toward the east side of the building (directions based on one looking at the house from the front door. Eg. The front door is south). The wood gets cut to an even spacing, a specific distance from the side of the house.

Tin goes up
Tin being put on. Notice Clyde is dressed for warm weather in this picture but at the beginning of the roof series, he is dressed for cold weather. Yes, it took that long to do all of this.

A closeup view of the northeast corner of the house showing the bathroom skylight. This photo was taken from the skylight located in the northern bedroom.

Last of the tin
The last of the tin is dragged up to the roof by Clyde.

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