Log Cabin Construction

Final Inside construction

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This section contains pictures of the inside of the house, very close to their final completed stage. The 2nd floor, by this time, was finished awaiting furniture to be moved in. Be sure to visit the main page for more pictures & information.

Living room
A picture of the living room showing the fireplace, fan and all three walls.

Living room
Looking from the bottom of the stairs showing more detail of the fireplace. The wood shown on the floor is part of the flooring that eventually became the 1st floor.

This shows the kitchen with the cabinets in place, tile on the wall. (Tile on the side walls and the installed microwave cannot be seen in this picture). The refrigerator will be installed after the floor is installed and is only sitting there temporarily in this picture.

Kitchen flooring.
This shows the flooring going into the kitchen. You can see the spot on the left where the refrigerator will return to.

Master bedroom
Showing the view toward the downstairs bathroom. Cedar lined closets are visible to the left. Note the tar paper on the floor. This was used to form a vapor barrier between the sub-floor and wood flooring for the 1st floor.

Floor installation
Each piece of flooring had to be installed by hand.

Floor installation
By the stairway and doors the wood had to be custom cut.

Floor installation
An overview of the nearly completed flooring before the polyurethane covering was applied.

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