Log Cabin construction

Other photos

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Here are some pictures that didn't really fit into any of the other categories:

Front view.
Picture of the front of the house in mid-1998. This is close to the end of construction.

Front door

French doors
This is where the kitchen/dining area opens unto the back porch.

Local wildlife
Not a clear picture but there is an owl sitting in the tree. This was taken in mid-afternoon just off the front of the house.

Front View of House
A closeup view of the front of the house, taken February, 1998. The tree on the right side of the house was removed soon after this picture.

Kitchen interior
Kitchen interior in progress

View from driveway A view showing the house and the garage and their relative placement on the property. Taken around February 1998. Note all the water in the driveway - that winter was a record breaking wet winter.

Back side of house

1st log.
The first log is put in place by a worker from BK Cypress.

Upstairs bathroom.
The 2nd floor bathroom practially finished.

Guest room.
2nd Floor guest room. Above the master bedroom.

Other room.
2nd Floor sewing/computer room. Above the kitchen and pantry.

The finished 1st floor bathroom.

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