Log Cabin Construction

The Chimney Outside

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This section contains pictures of the outside of the chimney. The chimney is attached to the log home that was built with logs from BK Cypress, Bronson, FL. Be sure to visit the main page for more pictures and information.

Stones and Sand
The 5 1/2 tons of Florida field stone and rock as well as 2 tons of special sand to be used in the mixing of the mortar is delivered. The stones had to be broken up with a sledge hammer in order to get small enough (and light enough) stones to go on the chimney.

Chimney base
The base of the chimney on which all 5 tons or so of rock will sit.

More chimney base

Stones and scaffolding
Side view of the chimney after a few days work. Approximately 2 rows of stone, all the way around the chimney could be done for each day of work. The lowest outside temperature had to be over 50 (F) so the winter months sometimes prevented us from working. (Fortunately, in this part of Florida, that was only a month or so of not being able to work).

Bucket by bucket
Stones are lifted up bucket by bucket. The mortar is also lifted bucket by bucket. Note make-shift platforms and plastic to prevent mortar from falling on existing stone.

An overview of the 1/2 way point.

Almost done
Look carefully at the top of the chimney. Clyde is *in* it lifting stone and mortar as he works toward finishing the stone. The chimney has since been finished. The interior flue pipe and top to the chimney is on and inspected.

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