Log Cabin Construction

First Floor logs and porch

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This section contains pictures from the 1st floor and porch construction. Be sure to visit the main page for more pictures and information.

Big enough saw?
Here is a picture of the logs being cut with a saw that had to be specially purchased for the job. This is NOT a kit home. Simply put, Clyde and Rosemary went to the sawmill (BK Cypress Logs, Bronson, FL) and gave them the house plans and a bunch of logs were delivered (as seen in other pictures). All the logs have to be cut to compensate for corner pieces and special situations, such as windows and door.

Lifting the logs
As you can imagine, these 8, 10 or 12 foot cypress logs weigh a lot, even when cut to smaller sizes. Here a relative who came to visit and got drafted into building guides a log onto the porch. The device being used to lift the logs was designed by Clyde and consists of an engine chain/motorized hoist attached to the swinging arm.

The lifter
A closer look at the lifter. This was used to get the logs up to the 1st floor level, which is raised above the ground level. Another contraption was invented to handle raising the logs above the 3 or four foot mark.

Logs are laid
This shows the first bunch of logs being layed. Note the pile of logs in the foreground.

Front door
This shows the front door frame.

More logs
More logs are layed and frames done.

Pantry door frame
The pantry door frame, located at the northeast side of the building leading out to the rear porch.

Windows frames
This shows all the first floor logs up to the top of all the windows. Note also door frames and window frame supports are in place as is the basic frame for the fireplace.

A helping hand
Friends who came to visit and see how things were going were often in for a surprise when they were drafted to help with the building. That's a 6" spike being driven into the log to nail it into place.

Back view
This shows the back, northeast corner of the house at the point where there is one log above all of the window and door frames. The door in the foreground is the door to the pantry.

View from the driveway
To the left of the picture in the very far background is the garage. To the right is the house, about at the same point of construction as the last photo.

Water Line
This shows the water line running from the garage - where the water filter is located - to the main house.

Front door, looking in
The frame for the stairs as seen from what would be the front door. You can also see some of the inside first floor walls.

Nice spot to rest?
One of their cats rests on the top of the chimney frame. The story is told that this same cat, as conjectured by evidence on the scene, laid on top of a log a little further up than this that wasn't nailed in, fell asleep and started to fall. As she tried to grab the log to keep from falling, she pulled the log down with her. She was dazed but apparently not seriously injured and is still going strong, although she can't lie on top of the logs any more.

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