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The pages that make up this web site show a pictorial display of a 2-story log cabin house and adjacent 2-story garage built in the woods of North Florida. Be sure to visit the main page for more pictures and information.

The building of the house was officially declared finished on November 1, 1998 exactly five years to the day that the owners/builders moved to the property. The completion date was delayed several times during the construction process. The house is not a kit home. The logs are from BK Cypress, Bronson, FL and are made from cypress that are milled by BK. No contractors or hired help were utilized in the construction process. From time to time relatives and friends help but for the most part it is a two person construction project.

Left and Right front portion of the property. The property extends in the left picture about where the curve in the road starts, across the street from where the photo was taken, and goes to the right picture just past the intersection on the left side.

The garage was completed - to the point that the zoning department said it was done - during weekend trips before the builders moved to the area. The primary home construction started in November of 1993 with the logs being delivered in January 1994. The interior of the garage still needs some interior work while the house was finally finished at the end of October, 1998. As with any project of this size, money (or the lack of it) and changes to initial design plans were signficant problems to it being completed any sooner.

Creek/Drainage ditch. The creek runs through the property and is mainly a drainage ditch for the roads. Due to improper grading of the nearby roads, a great deal of sand has washed into the creek, filling it until another big rush of water washes it downstream. (This has helped to fill parts of the property that were low). This photo is a winter view. During the summer it is almost impossible to see much past the creek due to the foliage. You will notice the difference in several pictures. Between mid-December 1997 and early April, 1998 the creek flowed non-stop, sometimes rather fast and has re-routed itself downstream from this picture.

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Tool and construction manufacturers: One of your tools was probably used on this house. If you'd like to advertise that fact, advertising space is available.

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