Log Cabin Construction

Roof support beams

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This section contains pictures of the roof support beams, the step before the roof can be put on. Be sure to visit the main page for more pictures and information.

Here construction for the supports for the roof are put in place.

Center support
The ladder shown extends from the first floor level and provides a way for the builders to put in the support posts for the point where the 3 roof beams join as shown in the previous 2 photos.

Other support frame
The support frame for the beams that will go on that side of the house can be seen. The frame is in the area where the 2nd floor bathroom is.

The Crane
One of the few times where outside help has been required. Remember the invention used to lift logs from before? That was tried to lift the roof beams. It didn't work so a crane had to be brought in as shown in this photo.

Beam 1
The first beam that will hold the roof is put in place.

Beam 2
Another support beam is put in place

Another beam
Another beam is laid. From the angle of the photo it looks like the photographer wanted to be as far from the action as possible in case the beam can falling down.

Final beam
The final beam is placed.

Cross beams
The cross beams, as seen on the front side of the house, get put in place and the construction of the roof can soon start.

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