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  1. My Facebook Page
  2. My MySpace Page
  3. My Personal Twitter Page (Stormspottertodd)
  4. My Personal Blogspot Blog Site
  5. My YouTube Page
  6. About the Author - You don't really want to read this.
  7. About My Pets - Had to be. Right?
  8. Ham Radio and Me - I've been involved in amateur radio a long time. But it hasn't been without meeeing some fairly scary people along the way.
  9. Astronomy Resources Page - Lots of astronomy-related links.
  10. Genealogy Resources & Family Genealogy - Surnames we're researching, charts, etc.
    • Directory of Other Related Family Members on the Internet
    • Other Genealogy-related Sites (fairly popular)
    • Works by my late grandfather, Jay W. Sterner:
    • Some shorts by me about my late grandfather, Jay W. Sterner:
      • The Hindenburg Photos: A Mystery (very popular)
        My grandfather took a couple of photos of the Hindenburg, and there is some question as to when they were actually taken. The description says they were taken the day of the disaster, but we cannot seem to confirm it.
      • Jay & Todd's Excellent Adventures
        My grandfather liked to travel, and in 1905 he and his friend Bill Glass went to DC, where my grandfather took a number of photos. When he arrived at the Capitol Bldg, he and his friend scurried up some abandoned scaffolding, and found a secret hatchway. They entered it and found themselves walking outside around the perimeter of the base of the statue. One day I went to DC myself and tried to duplicate all of my grandfather's photos. I was not able to duplicate the ones from the top of the Capitol dome, however. I understand that you need permission and an escort in order to repeat this, today.
    • The Family Photo Albums
      Our photo albums with scans of documents, photos and items relating to our DISBROW, GREGORY, SHERMAN, STERNER, and TOLMIE family lines. [added 01/29/2002]
      • DISBROW Family Photo Album
        Scans of documents, photos, and items relating to our DISBROW family line. One ancestor smuggled slaves south. Another ferried slaves north. [added 01/29/2002]
      • GREGORY Family Photo Album
        Scans of documents, photos, and items relating to our GREGORY family line. One family legend states that an ancestor who was a Rear Admiral in the Navy supposedly invented the original 'pontoon boats' used to create temporary bridges. (I've not ever been able to prove this to be truth, though.) [added 01/29/2002]
      • SHERMAN Family Photo Album
        Scans of documents, photos, and items relating to our SHERMAN family line. Our ALLAIREs founded Howell Town Ironworks, in NJ, now called 'Allaire State Park,' Many of the parts that they produced were used in the big steamboats of that era. [added 01/29/2002]
      • STERNER Family Photo Album
        Scans of documents, photos, and items relating to our STERNER family line. This line used to run 'Sterner Coal & Lumber' based in Belmar, NJ. Another ancestor was a past New Jersey Commissioner of the Highways. [added 01/29/2002]
      • TOLMIE Family Photo Album
        Scans of documents, photos, and items relating to our TOLMIE family line. One of our antecedents worked as a shared 'nurse' between two aristcratic familes - the Norths and the Rendleshams. Another family legend has it that the Glasgow Bakery, a bakery owned by our ancestors located at '32 Stanley Road, Bootle', supposedly 'baked the Last Duke of Ediburough's wedding cake.' This has not been confirmed. I'm always wary of family legends. I believe perhaps something was SUBMITTED maybe in the hopes of being assigned the 'royal seal' for use on their stationery, but for right now I doubt we actually baked 'THE' cake. The legend is still interesting, nonetheless. A sister of one of our ancestors, Annie Smith, was married to a Judge James Bratt who founded a 'Barnardos Children's Home' in Hackensack, NJ. They had 18 children of their own, and a 19th one who had been adopted. [added 01/29/2002]
  11. Photography- and Videography-related Links - (under construction)
  12. Ham Radio, Radio Frequency Scanning & Related:
    • North Central Fla. Area Scannist's Page - Scanning-related links. Mostly for use in the Gainesville/Alachua Co. area, but including links to other Northern Florida area pages. (very polular)
    • Mobile Scanner & Radar-Detector Laws in the United States - My most popular page, with 12,000 hits a month, on average. Travelling soon? Check which U.S. states don't allow the use of scanners or RADAR-Detectors while mobile. Lists the actual text of the laws regarding their use, for each state which has one. (extremely popular)
    • MSRDL Twitter Update Page
      This site is used by subscribers to bring in updates to scanner and radar-detector-related laws around the country. We then update the MSRDL page if the information is proven to be true. Open to the general public. Anyone may subscribe.
  13. Spaceflight Resources Page - Lots of spaceflight-related links.
  14. Weather Resources Page (Main Page)
  15. Other Interesting Web Sites - Miscellaneous links. Reference materials.
  16. Personal File Area - for downloading files.
  17. Some Animation Graphics - My animation directory contains a number of interesting animated graphics that I've found at various places on the WWW. Feel free to have a look and grab what you like.
  18. Some sound files (Obtained from the MIDI Farm)
  19. Web Pages of Other Family Members:
  20. Web Pages I've Created For Others:
    • Mini-Storage of Gainesville / U-Haul
      Penske truck rentals and supplies, mini-storage rentals. Will meet or beat local area storage unit prices. Penske trucks are cleaner, much younger, and MUCH better maintained fleet than the others. All trucks are three years old or LESS, and regularly maintained. Kathy will also be glad to work with you to find a good deal. All sorts of discount methods are available.
    • Silver Dragon Restaurant
      Excellent chinese & american cuisine. Used to be the Golden Lights Restaurant. Run by the same family. I suffered withdrawal when they took a vacation for year or so to visit their families abroad. :)
    • The Severe Local Storm Forecasting Primer Home Page - John S. Sturtevant [Added 04/19/2002] - This is a page I developed for John Sturtevant's book, The Severe Local Storm Forecasting Primer. The book teaches how to forecast severe local storms. The book is currently out-of-print and it needed an informational home page - a place for people to go for information on where to find the book, and correcting some of the known errors in the book, so I volunteered to create a page for him. Thanks to Jim Carr/KC4MHH and Fireline BBS for providing the space for the page.
  21. Classifieds
  22. Some Interesting Blogs I've Written...
    • Where Did Todd Go?...On Dealing With Psychopaths & Stalking (12/2009)
      [ Mirror Site ]
      For some many years, and even still today, I was a victim - stalked and harassed by quite a number of pretty seriously bad people with some pretty serious mental problems - all ham radio operators, led by one person - Jeff Capehart W4UFL. They convinced a number of people, civilian organizations, government agencies, and even police departments that I was a very bad problem. But noone ever realized that they were being manipulated until it was way too late. This is the story of what happened to me, and what I was forced to do to deal with it. It should be noted that this particular blog has been up for years now and my logs show that it has been hit and read by agencies in all four levels of government, and by GPD and UPD, as WELL as by the FBI, and they've done nothing to help me, OR to make me take it down, either...which should frighten everyone. It would seem that my particular situation is SO volatile, stacked with so many dominoes ready to fall any moment, and with it the possibility of so MUCH liability and chance for so MANY lawsuits that even the police, it would seem, are content to best leave THIS one situation in the quiet at all costs.
  23. Gainesville Gas Thefts (2010) - Security Video
    Between May and July a couple of thieves were stealing gas from truck rental businesses all around Gainesville - including Penske and U-Haul. Penske actually got video of them in the act. They were finally apprehended in the act while at U-Haul, and they were convicted for the crimes committed there; but Penske never saw any justice or recompense.
  24. Gainesville Area Jerque du Jour
    After my girlfriend bought me a dash camera I've begun saving some of the more wild events that I encounter while driving around Gainesville.

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