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NOTE: This is my grandfather's own account; his research and speculation. This is entirely his baby. I took no part in it's creation (being I was perhaps 8 years old at the time he worked on this...not yet born when he first started on it). I make no claims as to the accuracy of the information contained herein. I have yet to be able to take the time and money to make the trip to the necessary places to validate any of the supposed, the conjectured, the hypothesized, the legends, or the claims to fact within this book. Perhaps sometime soon. - Todd Sherman

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by Jay W. Sterner

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Cover/Title Page


by Jay W. Sterner

[ICON: Disbrow Shield]

Transcribed to HyperText (HTML) format by Todd L. Sherman, 1995.
Retranscribed Version © Copyright 1994-1997 by Todd L. Sherman.

There, in your tower-home, you sit and doze,
Dreaming, perhaps, of Belmar's earlier days -
Of the Shark river in a morning haze
When, in some past spring dawn, you 'woke and rose

From bed and wandered down along its wide
Magic to see a heron or high gulls,
Or possibly, beneath the clopping hulls
Of anchored boats, a school of small fish glide.

Or, maybe thinking back through crimson mists,
You are at Harvard, strolling in the Yard
With friends, discussing the Immortal Bard,
Or Aristophanes - his mighty lists

Of lasting drama - or the great Descartes
As you philosophize with student zeal,
Each of you analyzing what you feel
Concerning Heaven and earth, science and art.

Perhaps your mind goes back to rising swells,
Fresh winds, and, in the dark, the Southern Cross -
The nearer sea a network heaving gloss
From your ship's portholes while the ship's time tells

You are approaching unknown Argentine
(Pronounced, you say, with a hard _G_. Amen!
That is the way that we shall say it, then.)
How high a mountain range for youth to mine!


[Mar 2nd., 1866-Aug. 31st., 1957 - `Ma' to all the children - (Picture by J.W.S. Jr., c. 1951.)]

Jane Lydia Disbrow/Sterner


"And yet they, who are long gone, are in us, as
predisposition, as a burden upon our destiny, as blood
that pulsates, and as gesture that rises up out of the
depths of time

                                    Rainer Marik Rilke.

Jay Sterner

Ocean Grove



Jay Willard, Jr. [Sterner]

Jane Disbrow [Sterner/Jones]


Lydia Louise [Sterner/Sherman]

"Listen my children and you shall hear."

Retranscribed by:
[Duh Guy Who Did Duh Transcribin']

Todd L. Sherman (genealogy at alachuaskywarn dot org)
© Copyright 1995 by Todd L. Sherman. All Rights Reserved.

Last Updated: Sept. 11, 1995.


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