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Except where specifically mentioned in the descriptions, all SCANS herein were made using my Logitech B/W hand-scanner in 400dpi mode. Unfortunately, the scanner isn't always able to pick out the detail from the photos very well.

Some PHOTOS herein were taken using my late grandfather's old Argus 50mm camera (circa 1940). While nice for practice - as all of these photos are - the camera evidently has a serious lens defect which prohibits taking anything especially spectacular. For daytime photography, objects in the center of the field of view appear sharp, while anything in the perimeter appears out of focus. For nighttime astrophotography, starry objects appear sharp as points in the center of the field of view while objects in the outer perimeter become arrows pointing away from center. Other photos herein were taken with a used Mamiya MSX-1000 35mm manual SLR camera and varying lenses. I have mentioned which camera was used in the descriptions beneath the photos.

Meanwhile, within this page are the better of the images I was able to take with my "Argus Special Effects Camera" as I now like to call it [wink], and my used Mamiya. I have no real experience at astrophotography, or even SLR photography for that matter...just a willingness to experiment.

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Created: April 6, 1996.
Last Updated: March 29, 1997.

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