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Lunar Eclipse - April 3, 1996 @ 07:55pm EST.
On April 4, 1996 the full moon rose here in Gainesville in total eclipse. Unfortunately, from our vantage point on the sports field at Santa Fe Community College, skies ONLY ON THE LOWER EASTERN HORIZON were filled with clouds, blocking that phase of the eclipse from our view. But as time progressed, the clouds broke up and allowed that part of the eclipse from about just before the point at which the total (umbral) phase ended throughout the final phases to be viewed without too much more interference. Unfortunately, this rank novice had zero experience with photographing the moon and all of his photos came out with the moon a bit overexposed, as in this attempt. However, it's a pretty picture of the clouds anyway. ;-) (Now I know better, eh?)

Exposure was for 5 seconds at f/3.5 using FUJIColor SG-800 color film. Camera used was an old, antiquated Argus C-3 with a 50mm lens.

No. That's not the sun rising directly behind the full moon. That's the glare from Gainesville's city lights to the west. Makes for some interesting backlighting of the clouds, eh.


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