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I designed this page for myself to help me in my explorations of photography using the web. While I most-likely won't be able to answer any of your own questions about photography (I'm a rank novice, myself), I do hope that these organized photography-related bookmarks may help you find the answers you need more quickly, just as they help me.

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Are you a travelling photographer? See my Mobile Scanner & RADAR-detector Laws Page to see which states have regulations regarding the usage of scanners and RADAR-detectors in vehicles. This site has the ACTUAL TEXT of state laws, not charts. Now you can BE SURE of the laws. Updated as laws are updated.
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Some of my own attempts at photography:

  1. Astro Photography
  2. Of My Pet Cats: Muffin and Raisen
  3. Family Album
  4. Some Weather Photography [Some severe weather events in Alachua County]

Photography-related Web Sites

  1. 35mm Photography:
  2. Accessories & Equipment (filters, lenses, flash, etc.):
  3. Beginning Photography/Photography Basics:
    1. Photo Tips Pages - Elm Photography [10/12/2000]
    2. Making Photographs - Philip Greenspun
    3. Using Light - from a chapter in Making Light by Philip Greenspun.
  4. Buying & Selling -- New and Used:
  5. Large-Format Photography:
  6. Medium-Format Photography:
  7. Specialized Photography:
  8. Photography-related Businesses:
    1. Agfa
    2. Contax - Users of excellent lenses, makers of okay cameras.
    3. Fuji
    4. Eastman Kodak Company
    5. Kodak technical information - Kodak film, papers and chemistry.
    6. Leica
    7. Leica Camera
    8. Luminos Black and White - Makers of black and white papers.
    9. Manfrotto - Makers of world class tripods, mono pods, light stands and tripod heads.
    10. Mamiya America Corp.
    11. Minolta USA
    12. Nikon USA
    13. Olympus
    14. PhotoTechLab's Fine Art Custom Photo Lab & Photo Restoration - John Lrus, Jr. [10/12/2000]
  9. Techniques:
    1. Darkroom/Film Processing Techniques:
    2. Professional Photography:
    3. Unusual Photographic Methods and Techniques:

Photography-related Newsgroups:

  1. rec.photo.moderated - Messages herein screened for content
  2. rec.photo.film+labs - Discussions of film and lab
  3. rec.photo.darkroom - Discussions of darkroom techniques
  4. rec.photo.digital - Discussions about digital photography
  5. rec.photo.equipment.35mm - 35mm photography equipment
  6. rec.photo.equipment.medium-format - Medium format photography
  7. rec.photo.equipment.large-format - Large format photography
  8. rec.photo.equipment.misc - All other photo EQUIPMENT discussions
  9. rec.photo.marketplace - For sale, wanted, etc.
  10. rec.photo.technique.art - Artistic photography
  11. rec.photo.technique.nature - Nature photography
  12. rec.photo.technique.people - Photographing people
  13. rec.photo.technique.misc - All other photographic TECHNIQUE discussions
  14. rec.photo.misc - All other photography discussion not covered in the above groups

Add a web page link to this list. Use this form to alert me of a good, favorite, photography-related site not so-far listed in here.

See My Other Other Web Sites:

  1. About Me - (You don't really want to read this.)
  2. Astronomy Resources Page - AStronomy-related links.
  3. Genealogy & Family History Page - Genealogy links, my own family history, charts, etc.
  4. Mobile Scanner & RADAR-detector Laws Page - Actual TEXT of mobile scanner and RADAR-detector laws for each state.
  5. North Florida Area Scannist's Page - Scanning-related links, especially for use here in No. Fla. and in Alachua Co.
  6. Spaceflight Resources Page - Spaceflight-related links.
  7. Weather Resources Page - Weather-related links.


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