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(Sites having to do with thunderstorms, tornados, hurricanes, etc.)



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For Gainesville/Alachua Co. area scanner frequencies and codes please visit the Northern Fla. Area Scannist's Page. [Includes section on Scanner Laws (actual text of laws, not charts).]

Information about Nothern Florida Area SKYWARN can be found at the NWS-Jax SKYWARN Page.

Severe Weather Report Form - Use this form to report any severe weather-related events to the NWS-Jax Office.

See also: Hurricane-related Information
For Imaging Sites, see also: Imaging & Forecast Sites
For Spotting/Chasing sites, see: Storm Spotting/Chasing-related Sites

  1. ALERT Severe Weather Research
  2. Catalog of Daily Severe Weather Reports - Univ. of Hawaii - archive of severe storms maps for past 12 months
  3. Center for Analysis and Prediction of Storms (CAPS)
  4. Ch. 2 Storm Forecast - WESH-TV Channel 2/Orlando, Fla.
  5. Emergency Manager's Weather Information Network (EMWIN) - NWS/NOAA
  6. Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)
  7. FSU Dept. of Meteorology Weather Server - FSU (gopher) - includes DRGS images, AVN, ECMWF, ETA, MRF, and NGM operational forecast model plots, and RADAR, surface, and upperair data plots
  8. Guides:
  9. Huber's Weather Site - Mark Huber - live radars and quick links for severe weather updates
  10. Hurricane Information - Good sources of info from Pensacola, FL
  11. Hurricane & Tornado Safety - Kate Palenscar
  12. Lightning & Tornado Photos - (narrated in french)
  13. Lightning Data:
  14. Lightning Detection Equipment/Software/Etc.:
  15. Lightning Strike Data (past/GIFs) - Sevilleta LTER
  16. Mobile Radar Doppler Tornado Data - Doppler On Wheels (DOW) radar development project
  17. Natl. Climatic Data Center (NCDC) - Technical Reports - NCDC
  18. Natl. Lightning Safety Institute (NLSI)
  19. Natl. Severe Storms Laboratory (NSSL)
  20. NOAA Weather Radio Guide - NOAA - find the right broadcast frequency in your state/local area.
  21. Photography (stock):
  22. Severe Weather & Spotters
  23. Severe Weather Event Reporting System (SWERS) - A form to use to report a severe weather event (thunderstorm, tornado, hail, high winds) to the NSSL.
  24. Severe Weather Page - Alachua Co. Office of Emergency Mgmt. (ACOEM)
  25. SKYWARN Web Pages on the Internet - [still undergoing construction] - Todd Sherman KB4MHH
  26. SKYWARN Usenet Newsgroup - bit.listserv.skywarn
  27. Storm Prediction Center (SPC) - monitors/forecasts hazardous weather across U.S.
  28. Thunderstorms and Lightning (FEMA Fact Sheet) - FEMA
  29. Tornado and Severe Thunderstorm Reports - NSSFC, Univ. of Hawaii - (updated at 7am ET, daily)
  30. The Tornado Project - Tom Grazulis
  31. U.S. Composite Lightning from Natl. Lightning Detection Network Data Set Documents
  32. U.S. Spotting Frequency List

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