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All family-related information has been removed from this web site due to the fact that I'm lately noticing too many hits from strange entities which include insurance companies I've never subscribed to or had anything to do with, hitting this site repeatedly far too many times to be reasonably explicable or acceptable. That's just a little too freaky for me. I've also noticed that people have taken information from here and outright cut and pasted without permission or approval to commercial and personal genealogical sites. Therefore, for these and other reasons all dealing with worry over privacy and security, and the apparent inability to be able to control anything any longer due to an apprent widespread lack of education about copyright and permissions, all information - except for the old Sterner, Disbrow and Gregory written books, which contain nothing of any real dangerous use to anyone now living - are removed indefinitely. I'm sorry for any inconvenience this may cause some people.

Here are the links to the remaining information still available at this site:

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