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For frequencies and codes used by agencies in the Gainesville/Alachua Co. area, please visit the -- Northern Fla. Area Scannist's Page.

Travelling? Visit my Scanner & RADAR-Detector Laws Page for a list of states which have laws restricting the use of either. My site has the actual TEXT of the laws, not just a list. Even includes the laws for a few other countries, too.

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  4. Radar
  5. Real-time Lightning Data
  6. Other Reports/Data
  7. Watches/Warnings
  8. Local Area Emergency Services
  9. Local Area Radio Frequency Scanning Info
  10. National Weather Service
  11. TV News Station Weather Pages
  12. Local Weather Photography

  1. Current Conditions:
  2. Forecasts:
  3. Images:
  4. Radar:
  5. Lightning Data:
  6. Other Reports/Data:
  7. Watches/Warnings:
  8. Local Area Emergency Services Web Pages:
  9. Local Area Radio Frequency Scanning Information - Todd Sherman/KB4MHH - local area enthusiasts who wish to catch the local action on thier scanners should stop by here for references to all frequencies, codes, departments (and even links to thier web pages, if avail.), etc.
  10. NWS Southern Region Page
  11. Florida Area TV/Radio News Station Weather Pages:
  12. Local Area Weather Photography:


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