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NOTE: While we list both spotting and chasing references, here, it does not mean that we support or encourage storm chasing. The reason for the inclusion of storm chasing materials on this page is because a lot of the storm chasing materials often overlap in subject and they can still contain helpful added learning material that a spotter can find just as useful in his or her personal storm spotting educational pursuits.


(See also: Severe Weather-related Sites.)

Storm Spotting:
  1. FAQs, Guides, and Information Sites:
Storm Chasing:
  1. FAQs, Guides, and Information Sites:
  2. Groups/Organizations:
Research Papers:Shops And Other Resources:
  • General:
  • Books, Photos, Videos:
    • WeatherStock - Warren Faidley - Professional prints, film, videos, photo CDs, books, calendars.
  • Software:
    • RealEMWIN (by Robert Dale) is no longer supported and users are encouraged to graduate over to WxMesg (below).
    • SimuAWIPS - - SimuAWIPS provides meteorologists, volunteers, students and weather enthusiasts with a free system for conducting basic analysis, tracking and forecasting of weather around the United States.
    • InterWarn / StormLab - StormAlert, LLC - RADAR and storm-tracking softwares.
    • WeatherMessage - Danny Lloyd - Fantastic software by Danny Lloyd to handle EMWIN data and redistribute it in many different ways - to email, FAX, pager, cellphone, listgroups, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Weather Instruments and Equipment:
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