Hawthorne with Francis Moore

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Mr. Francis Moore has lived in Hawthorne over 70 years, all his life. He came to our school to show us pictures of Hawthorne and to tell us about life in this town.

Mr. Moore has pictures of Hawthorne that he drew himself. He took painting classes when he was 60 years old. Mr. Moore calls himself a "primitive painter", not only a painter.

He had pictures of schools and businesses in the Hawthorne area a long time ago. In every picture he also draws his pet dog that died when he was little.
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Mr. Moore is married to Mrs. Mary Moore, who used to be the Head Librarian at the public library. They have both lived in a house in Hawthorne all their lives. His grandfather built the Hawthorne Motel and when Mr. Moore was a little boy he walked in wet cement while the motel was being build, so there are footprints on the sidewalk. in front of the motel.
We enjoyed his visit and his telling us about his life and his pictures and how Hawthorne has changed through time .
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