Our School

Shell is an elementary school that has a Media Center, a lunch room, a music room, art room and it has grades from Headstart to fifth. Dr. Gladys Wright is our principal and Mrs. Slater is our B.R.T. (Behavior Resource Teacher). I am in 4th grade and I think I have the best teachers in the entire school. My homeroom teacher is Mrs. Schiffly. My Language Arts teacher is Mrs. Hill and my math teacher is Mr. Baez.

We like Shell Elementary because they have nice teachers. When you go to Specials you have lots of fun. When you get in fifth grade you change classes. I like when we do that because we get to have different teachers. I also like when it is Wednesday because you have lots of fun on Wednesdays.

I hope you enjoyed learning more about Hawthorne and learning about Shell.If you want to learn more about our school, please visit the school's home page

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