Churches of Hawthorne

pastor2.jpg (3874 bytes) Pastor Carter of the First Baptist Church of Hawthorne. He is a great pastor.
I go to the First Baptist Church of Hawthorne.It is a nice church. It is a medium size church filled with lots and lots of nice people. I go to Sunday School at at 9:45 and to church at 11:00 am. My mom is a Sunday school teacher.
sundayschool2.jpg (4261 bytes)
firstba5.jpg (5130 bytes) The First Baptist Church of Hawthorne is in the downtown area, near the Public Library.
The Galilee Baptist Church is also in the

downtown area.

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jehova2.jpg (3707 bytes) This is the Jehova's Witness site next to the 

barber shop.

Take a look at the church that moved!
Other churches in Hawthorne
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