Hawthorne Outdoors

fishing2.jpg (4122 bytes) Fishing and hunting are very well known in Hawthorne, Florida. You can hunt for deer, large bucks and boars. You can fish for large bass and blue gill. All of these can be found in the woods and in the lakes around the Hawthorne area. The woods in Hawthorne are very thick. You can always find a deer or a buck in there. There are lots of ponds in the Lochloosa and Hawthorne area. The largest bass ever caught in Florida was a 24.1 pound large mouth bass. The bass in Hawthorne are not that big, but it is still fun to fish around here. townlake4.jpg (2823 bytes)
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deer2.jpg (3493 bytes) fish2.jpg (5066 bytes)
Fish and deer pictures courtesy of Sherry Smith
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