Miller's Plaza
Girls like to go shopping at Miller's Supermarket with their moms because it is a good place to shop. There is good food there. In Miller's they have a lot of meat and a lot of candy. 
Family Dollar is a great and perfect place to shop. In Family Dollar they have an aisle of toys and a lot of merchandise. Their prices are pretty good too.
In Eckerd they have a lot of medicines, sunglasses and they have a little bit of toys. 
There is a flower shop that has a lot of flowers. They sell balloons there too. It is a good place to get flowers for someone that is sick or for their birthdays.
At the laundromat they wash a lot of clothes and there is a bunch of washing machines and dryers. 
There are two places where you can eat, Subway and Don Joe's. In both places you can get sub sandwiches, but at Don Joe's you can get pizza too. There is a nice juke box at Don Joe's and people listen to songs. We like to go shopping at Miller's Plaza.
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