The Shell Elementary Enrichment Class of 1997

Hello! We are here to show you around our town. We are, from left to right: Tara, Lindsay , Chris, Linda ,Rebecca, Charles , Jerry, Jake and Zach. Click on our pictures above to see our homepages!  Mrs. Antony has been our tutor-teacher for this project and she is now trying to enhance it with the help of the fourth graders (follow this link take a look at them in their neat Egyptian outfits).
First we met to brainstorm the creation of this page. We did some research about our town and have published it in these pages to share it with you.
9/15/96 On this date we met again and decided to take pictures around town. We were all given different sites to photograph. This was a real fun assignment!
9/25/96 We took some great pictures, according to Mrs. Antony. We continue our Hawthorne research.
10/2/96 We wrote a little about ourselves. Please check our links above to read about us. Mrs. Antony made us edit these over and over again!
10/8 Page layout was fun. We pasted pictures on paper and wrote a rough draft of what our pages were going to say. We had to look at a lot of pictures, to decide where to place them on the pages.
11/6 We edited our writing some more. We also tried to spend a million dollars (just for fun) and learned to send e-mail messages and to chat over the Internet. Computers can be sooo much fun!
Mrs. Antony has been busy turning our page drafts into HTML pages. This table stuff is complicated, especially when you have to align the table to the right :-( and your HTML editor is Windows Notepad!
June 97 Revised using web editor. 
August 97 We won second prize in the Computer Learning Foundation contest!!!! An international contest!!! Coooool!!!
October 97-July 98 The fourth graders are writing up a storm in their writing class with Mrs. Hill. When they are finished, Mrs. Antony will add their writings to the Hawthorne Web site.
September 99 Our site is again the Grand Prize winner for a second year in a row!!!! The site continues to grow as other organizations in town add their pages to the World Wide Web. Check out the HARA pages, the Eden Baptist Church site, and the Gatordental site. All in Hawthorne, FL!!!! Just a small dot on the Florida map, but a huge site on the web...
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