Medical Services

Animal Hospital
Health Department
General Practicioner

The veterinarian from the Animal hospital does farm calls and also does his work at his office. He gives animals shots. He takes good care of animals.

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dentist2.jpg (4619 bytes) The dentist is fun for kids because when you get your checkup it doesn't hurt at all and you get a new toothbrush and you get to pick out a toy. Parents get to talk to the dentist about all sorts of things.
Dr. Colasante is a nice doctor. She does her job well. She takes care of everybody. colasante2.jpg (5378 bytes)
marcyoffice.jpg (6641 bytes) Dr. Marcy is a new doctor in town. She helps people with stomach aches. She only takes care of children.
The Health Department has an office in town. You can get your shots there. They hurt sometimes.
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