Hawthorne for Children

Hawthorne is a nice place to visit. We like Hawthorne because there are a lot of things to do. One of the things you can do it go to our public library because there is a lot of information about who discovered our country. There are a lot of good books there too. We like to get books from the Sweet Valley series and want to read the whole series. Both boys and girls get Goosebump books and mystery books like Clue. Goosebump books are very popular.

Another thing you can do in Hawthorne is to go to some good restaurants here. One good restaurant is Sonny's Real Pit Bar-B-Q. They have salad bar and they have ribs. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. If you come to Hawthorne, just come on by Sonny's if you are hungry. We also like the shakes at Burger Barn. We also like to go to Subway. They fix your subs real fast, with just what you want on them. Our grandparents take us to eat at the Chicken Factory because they like it a lot.

The children can get a movie to watch. The video store has movies for little kids, middle age kids and adults. Our store also has video games. You could rent them with the adaptor if you need one, so you can play the games.They have all sorts of games.

We also like to play football and baseball, soccer and basketball. T-ball is also fun.

Girls like to go shopping at family Dollar and Miller's. We they go out to eat, play with friends and siblings and go to the library. They also watch TV and go on bike rides or walk.

Trips to Gainesville, Ocala, Palatka and other cities nearby are also fun.

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