My name is Rebecca. I play soccer. My soccer's team name is Lake Swan Camp. My team color is purple and pink. My shorts are blue. I go to practice on Fridays. I have a game on Saturday. My coach is Kenny. My game starts at 12:00. There are 10 kids on my team. One's name is Edith, another is Scott T. and Scoot O. Another is Stephanie. There is also John. I like soccer. 
I am six. I have a dog and a cat. My cat's name is Jessie. My dog's name is Bo. I have a little sister (Kayland) and a big sister (Laurel). I have a big brother (Frank). My first grade teacher is Mrs. Kerry. My dad's name is Marco. He works at Clay Electric. My mom's name is Linda. She works in the house all the time. She can never stop, unless she is making a cake.
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