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Local community sponsored information gathering and sharing group meets for Fun, Food, and Fellowship in Gainesville, Florida   

"Nations richer and more powerful in their day than we are in this, have been sabotaged, defeated, enslaved.
Babylon was the largest and richest nation of its time, but its lust for luxury made it an easy mark for the Medes and Persians who overran it, and divided its land and enslaved the people between them.
Rome was a greater military power than we ever were, but when free bread and circuses became more important to the people than hard work and patriotism, Rome was invaded and looted by the tougher Vandals.
The Incas were the most civilized, richest people in the Americas, but ruthless, better-armed invaders destroyed them as a nation, and looted everything they owned and had spent generations in creating.
In every case it was the self indulgent weakness of the victim which made victory of the invader easy.
Undoubtedly there were Babylonians, Romans, Incas who warned against overindulgence and weakness, who warned that each citizen is responsible for his nation, and that that responsibility cannot be shrugged off on officials.
But to those who warned of impending trouble there was then as now the smug sneer, 'It can't happen here.'
But it did."


 Promote honesty in government, expose corruption, teach individuals lawful means of remedy and recourse when faced with government abuse. CBG is a non-profit community based information sharing and resource group open to all persons. 
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Free Trade? For Whom? It may sound good, but, like any "free lunch," Free Trade isn't free.  
Everything But the News "There is no such thing, at this date ... in America as an independent press" 
What Constitution? Are you one of the many who will refuse to believe our government could possibly be as corrupt as this article implies. 
The Great U. $. Fraud Few know that the Federal Reserve is not a U.S. government agency, but a privately owned banking system. 
What's This About Guns? In Defense of Self, Home and Country  
Sustainable Development: The New Feudalism Backed mostly by unverified facts, you are asked to give control of your life and property to unelected foreign bureaucrats. It's back to the King's deer, the King's trees, etc.  
You The Juror! So, you don't want to be on a jury? What they don't want you to know. 
 Provides a forum for information exchange in the following areas:   
  • Constitutional limits on Government
  • Suggestions regarding possible legal recourse and remedy for individuals abused by Government
  • Uncensored sources of international, national, and local news
  • Information about laws for individuals seeking income and asset protection
  • Educating individuals as to their Constitutional rights and how to legally defend them
  • Politically active means and legal tactics to make government officials, agencies, and bureaucrats stay within Constitutional limits of authority
  • Resources include legal information, books, forms, laws, research, and audio/video library of 200+ tapes.
Politically Incorrect! ... and Proud of It! 
Original News Articles and Commentaries Irreverently Presented by Max Sloan. Of Course, All of Them Are Politically Incorrect  
R a m b l i n g s . . . 
History, Essays, and News Developments With Spin Added By The Past Elected Spokesman For The North Central Florida Regional Militia 
Second Fomentations  
Essays, Open Letters, and Satires Told From the Heart All About the Second Amendment:  Your Natural Right To Defend Yourself 

Was the USA Founded as a Christian Nation? In their own words 
CorpWars The Military Industrial Political Financial Complex- Whose wars have we be fighting? and why 
The Battle America Lost in 1913 Birth of Democracy 
Believe It or Else! They'll Take Your Land Away. Did you know that property taxes are unconstitutional? 
Gun Control? Will You Let Them Take Your Guns? Mass Murderers Agree, Gun Control Works! From Gun Control?, Rich in Links 
America: Foreclosed! With the passage of new laws, Congress has turned the purpose of government on its head! From Stewards of the Range 
Original Intent and the 1st Amendment "Separation of Church and State" - Hearsay quoted out of context!   Also: State Policy Violates Federal Law - It's illegal to demand S. S. #'s for a right. 
Our War Against Terrrorism ... "If you didn't feel scared and helpless, would you still need the government to "protect" you? "  In Ramblings! 
Dialectics What is Being Used to Destroy Everything  "If we, who are savvy, can recognize its purpose and identify its means of operation, there is a chance that we can preserve the wonders of our civilization."  With many references! 
C.A.F.R's Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports: Government has been keeping two sets of books for decades! Overview of Walter J. Burien's research  
The Bankruptcy of the United States By Amerika's Most Recent and Well Known Political Prisoner  
The Rockefeller Syndicate Chapter 10 of "Death by Injection" by Eustace Mullins 
IRS: The Real Facts The hidden history of the Internal Revenue Service; it was not created by Congress. 
    At the Crossroads: An Open Letter to All Americans You are losing your right to keep and bear arms...Call to action 
Municipal Magic: Turning Rights into Crimes Before Your Very Eyes: Letter to The Gainesville Sun 
Our Right To Keep and Bear Arms Imagine our America under some dictator's rule, Where our Freedom and nation's flag were held up to ridicule. 
The Smell of Weimar 2: Police State Can't happen in America, Right?  "... Americans have been conditioned to think it affects only criminals." 
Statement of Lindsey Graham "...tried to fix his case..." - The impeachment case on the kitchen table for us all - plus a moving commentary on America 
Clinton Impeached !!! His wish for a secure place in American history has been granted (In Ramblings) 
The Wild and Free Pigs of Okefenokee Swamp An Allegory: The Bacon You Save Could Be Your Own 
The Titanic Conspiracy The Titanic Was A Trap.  It Sank.  The End 
Starr Report: Investigation or Cover-Up? Media disinformation and fact suppression about the Starr "independent" prosecutor report   Four key points 
Resistance To Tyranny Is Obedience To God Why The Founders Agree 
Thumbprint Programs A Form To Present At A Bank That Insists On Your Thumbprint To Cash A Check Made Out To You 
Think You and Your Property are safe? The Banker's Manifesto 
The Truth About Money And Therefore, Why We Must Get Out of the U.N. 
    Congressional Notice Over 15,000 Scientists Have Signed a Petition That Debunks "Global Warming" 
The Mob President The Mob got Clinton Started In Politics and It Helps Him Evade the Law 
When Is A People Killer Not Deadly? Answer to an Editorial 
Sustainable Development The Government Should Demonstrate It To Us First To See How Well It Works! 
The Smell of Weimar Interesting Parallels Between Today And Germany of the 1930's 
Letter To The IRS Disgusted with IRS Run-arounds, Citizen Calls It Quits 
Live Free Or Die: How Many More Carl Dregas Lie Waiting Story of Abuse By the Omnipotent State 
Flag of Peace Big Enough to Print Title 4 USC 1 
Federal Reserve Corporation Remarks By Rep. Louis T. McFadden : Looting America for Foreigners 
    Who Is Maurice Strong? Sec. Gen. of Rio Earth Conference Is An International Man of Mystery 
Sustainable Development Where Did the Concept Originate? Full Details Have Not Been Disclosed 
What You Should Ask About Sustainable Development For Local "Consensus" Meetings 
Convention on Biological Diversity Treaty: USA Map Map of Wildlands Zones 
Convention on Biological Diversity Treaty: Florida Map Large GIF of Wildlands Project Areas 
Learn the Truth About Sustainable Development Letter Published in The Gainesville Sun  
Congress Deals a Severe Blow to Americans Letter to The Gainesville Sun 
Who's Life Is It? The Government's, Of Course Letter to The Gainesville Sun  
    No U.N. Flag Over Gainesville for U.N. Day! Petition to City Commission  
Modern Militias  Militia Spokesman Describes The Historic Precedents  
Blueprint of the Republic  Before you fix it, know how it works  
What is Federal Jurisdiction? What the Founders Intended  
Goodbye, good riddance Ambrose Evans-Pritchard says it all! 
Do You Know Who Owns Your Car?  Really Know?  
The Emerging American Gulag  America's New Slave Business  
Have You Been Hornswoggled? Which Flag Is Which?  
The Rockefeller Syndicate Chapter 10 of "Death by Injection" by Eustace Mullins 
The Trial That Invented Liberty The Origin of Our Bill of Rights  
Billions for Bankers Debt for the People The Money-Control Over America 

Compiled from our personal bookmarks  Updated with the contributions of attendees  Always Under Construction 
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