After several fruitless correspondences with the IRS, asking them to state which regulation or law requires the filing an income tax return, an exasperated CBG'er finally sent this.  Only the names have been changed.
November 7, 1997 

Mr. __________ 
Disclosure Specialist 
Internal Revenue Service 
c/o Post Office Box 47-421 
Doraville, Georgia 30362 

Dear Mr. __________: 

      This will acknowledge receipt of your letter, dated October 30, 1997, wherein you stated that "It is not the policy of the Atlanta Service Center to engage in correspondence regarding the interpretation and enforcement of the Internal Revenue Code. Therefore, we will not answer future letters on these issues" (Emphasis added). 

      Okay! I won't expect you to answer this letter, because no one in Internal Revenue Service has ever answered any of the 3 or 4 questions asked in the numerous prior letters. So, I have to conclude that the Internal Revenue Service does not know: (1) what law requires a natural person to file a Form 1040, (2) pay income tax on compensation received in exchange for their labor or services; or (3) whether the taxes for the years 1995 or 1996 have been apportioned among the several states, as required by Article I, Section 2, of the Constitution of the United States of America. 

      Since the Internal Revenue Service has never done anything to serve me, I got curious as to what the term "Service" truly means, as used in the names of "Internal Revenue Service" and "Atlanta Service Center". I knew that it could not pertain to the usual understanding of the term, " To serve", so I looked it up in the Webster's Dictionary and this is what I found. "Service" means "copulation with a female.-- Used of male animals" Yeah, that must be what the Internal Revenue means by the term Service. However, the IRS has obviously broadened the term to mean "copulating with (screwing over) both females and males". 

      I will quit writing to the IRS, when the IRS either answers my questions, or quits writing to me altogether. What do you think? I'll quit writing, if IRS will. 

Very truly yours, 
Taxed Off!

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Revised  January 27, 1998