October 17, 1996 

Gainesville City Commission
City of Gainesville
c/o City Hall
Gainesville, Florida 32601

Re:    United Nations Recognition

Dear Commissioners:

I am a lifetime resident of Gainesville, who owns property, pays taxes, and am registered to vote. I respectfully petition the City of Gainesville to never display the United Nations flag, or engage in any official recognition of the United Nations. I have spent many months doing research into the history of the United Nations, what its purpose is, and what it stands for.

Once again, we are approaching the anniversity of the founding of the United Nations organization. The United Nations is not a government agency, but rather a private organization which is promoted by the billionaire David Rockefeller, Chairman of the Board of the Chase Manhattan Bank, and member of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve Bank, in New York. The United Nations was created for the primary purpose of serving as a global police force for a One World Government at some future time. For decades, plans have been progressively implemented toward the establishment of a single global government which will replace or supersede the sovereignty of every nation in the world. In order to accomplish such a takeover, it will be first be necessary for the United States of America to give up its sovereignty in favor of the United Nations. At that point in time, all of the other nations in the world will follow suit by giving up their sovereignty.

You probably think that such a thing could never happen in our great country, because the United States is the single most powerful country in the World. The fact is that we are well on our way to giving the United Nations control the United States of America and its citizens. Many years of research, investigation, and documentation show that the following events have occured in our country:

1. The United Nations charter was drafted in such a way that the Secretary General is, and always will be, a devout communist, whose primary purpose is to promote one world global government.

2. The United Nations', so-called "peacekeeping forces", have been guilty of committing atrocities agianst the people of Somalia, as well as using it military might to sucessfully turn the democratic republic of Katanga, Africa, over to a communist controlled dictatorship.

3. The U.N. military forces are being trained to become a global police force, under a One World Government.

4. United States military personnel are sworn to uphold, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States of America, but once assigned to the United Nations, they are required to take an oath that they will not obey any orders except those given by their U.N. (foreign) commanders.

5. Americans serving in the United Nations "peacekeeping forces" are subject to obey orders of foreign military officers, have no constitutional rights, and they do not have the protection of the government of the United States of America while serving in that capacity. Neither can our military personnel disclose to Congress what they did while serving with United Nations forces.

6. There are approximately 40,00 United Nations troops currently stationed a Dobbins Air Force Base in Georgia.

7. Our government has virtually turned control of 47 of our country's national parks over to the United Nations, including the "Great Smokey Mountains National Park", which has now been renamed the "Great Smokey Mountains International Biosphere". This has been done by designating parks as "Biosphere Reserves" or "World Heritage Sites" under a treaty with the United Nations.

8. Approximately 1700 Russian and East German trucks, designed specifically for chemical and biological warfare, are being painted U.N. white, and are stored in a U.S. Customs bonded warehouse in Louisiana, for future use in the United States.

9.Two German Luftwaffe Air Force squadrons,consisting of 43 Tornado combat aircraft, are stationed at separate locations in New Mexico.

10. In Montana, a train, consisting of approximately 100 flat-cars, was seen transporting state-of-the-art Russian combat tanks in a westerly direction.

11.A secret military base in Mississippi has recently been discovered, where Russian equipment, Russian helicopters (operated by foreign speaking troops, without military insignia),mobile launchers and Scud missiles were observed and photographed and

12. Treaties entered into with the United Nations become the supreme law of the land and take priority over the laws of our own country, and the Constitution of the United States, without the consent of the American people.

There are many other examples, similar to these listed above, which point to the pending loss of our national sovereignty to the United Nations. The display of a flag over Federal, State or local government property is a symbol of sovereignty, or jurisdiction, of the entity represented by such flag. For these reasons, and because the law prohibits the display of private flags on government property, I am strongly opposed to the City of Gainesville displaying the United Nations flag on city property, as was done in 1995. I am opposed to the City of Gainesville giving any kind of official recognition to the United Nations. 

In the event that the city commission should choose to ignore or disregard this petition, I and hundreds of other residents of Gainesville, will do everything in our power to ensure that the present city commissioners are voted out of office and replaced with representatives who will abide by the will of the electorate.

    Milton H. Baxley II

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