We were so impressed by "One Assault Weapon's True Story" that we asked the author for more of his essays, open letters and satires. They remind us of how the natural right to defend oneself  is the insurance for all our other rights.

One "Assault" Weapon's True Story 
Told from the Heart: The meaning of Freedom 
The Rescue of Basher 52 
An Open Letter to Bill Clinton 

President Clinton's Marginalizing of Patriotism 
An Open Letter to Billy Blythe  

FBI Van Stolen (Be Gone) 
Satire: Inspired by the Looting of an FBI vehicle full of Weapons 

These are the personal views of one, who in this era of "political correctness", is forced remain anonymous. They are neither endorsed nor supported by Citizens For Better Government. They are presented for informational purposes only. 
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Last Revision: November 24, 1997