The Starr Report: Investigation or Cover-Up? 
There is so much media disinformation and fact suppression about the Starr "independent" prosecutor report, that I feel obligated to express four very key, diverse points.  
Contributed By Elizabeth Pruett

First, the Starr Report presented 5 grounds for impeachment on perjury and essentially 6 grounds for impeachment on obstruction of justice. The precedent of impeachment for lying under oath was set just ten years ago when a judge named Walter Nixon was impeached in the southern district of Mississippi for issuing false statements to a grand jury. The precedent of impeachment for obstruction of justice was set in the 1974 Nixon impeachment inquiry, which was co-authored by Hillary Rodham and Bernard Nussbaum the White House counsel who many of us believe was involved in a cover-up of the Vince Foster murder).

Second, the Starr Report is much more intriguing for what it does not contain rather than what it does contain. Media organizations have repeated over and over that Starr is a biased, prosecutor who is out to get the President. In reality, this is an incredibly gigantic lie, because the Starr report is missing all of the serious crimes that President has committed. For example, we know that:

1. Clinton assisted James McDougal in bilking millions of dollars from Madison Guaranty.

2. Clinton used the FBI, IRS, INS and Treasury to persecute his political adversaries.

3. Clinton accepted millions of dollars from the Communist Chinese Government, some of which was within the scope of Starrís investigation.

Third, the following brief historical facts about the "independent" Whitewater prosecution team illustrates a cover-up that has been unreported by most media organizations: 1. Janet Reno initially appointed Whitewater prosecutor, Robert Fiske, a lawyer for International Paper, the company that sold Clinton and McDougal the Whitewater land in the first place.

2. When Fiske was exposed, he was replaced by Starr, who was already on the original Reno short list.

3. Starr then hired more Democrats, like Sam Dash and Mark Tuohey, who had a party for Janet Reno in his house and later corrupted the investigation of Vince Fosterís murder.

4. When Miguel Rodriquez, an honest liberal democrat prosecutor who tried repeatedly to get the facts, went to Starr to complain that Tuohey was interfering with the investigation, Starr did nothing and Rodriquez then resigned the investigation and stated later to the top Foster investigative reporter, Chris Ruddy, that "As an ethical person, I donít believe I could be involved with what they were doing".

5. In the FBI file case, Starr has not even interviewed key witness such as Mack McLarty, White House chief of staff when the FBI file scandal occurred and Terry Good ,director of Records Management. (We know this from the Judicial Watch lawsuit conducted by the real independent prosecutor, Larry Klayman, who deposed John Huang and exposed Communist Chinese Government influence.

6. Before the recent Clinton testimony, Starr withdrew his subpoena so that Bill Clinton would be able to find out what the questions were and not be forced to answer them during the testimony.

7. Starrís office leaked the fact that the impeachment report would only contain the sex and lies scandal to many news agencies, thus proving that his office has been conspiring with the media.

Fourth, in all likelihood, Starr agreed to cover up Clinton crimes because he too, has taken money from the Communist Government of China. Starr was retained by Citisteel, a Chinese government owned company, and personally argued and won their case during the time that Vince Fosterís murder was covered-up. Starrís employer, Kirkland and Ellis, contributed 86% of its PAC money during that time in 1993-94 to Democrats and Starr contributed to the PAC. The Communist Chinese Government influence is particularly significant, since it now appears that they financed the entire 1992 Clinton presidential campaign.

 In Conclusion, over a year ago, many civic groups banded together to seek the impeachment of Bill Clinton on clearly defined issues of treason, bribery, obstructions of justice and Arkansas criminal activity. Within two months, the major media organizations, who could no longer continue covering up all of these facts, began attacking Bill Clinton for his immoral sex life so that they would appear to be unbiased. As a result, we have known for over a year that they would seek his resignation on the issue of sex. While we knew that the Starr investigation was corrupted enough to cover-up the murder of Vince Foster, we did not know whether or not Starr was also corrupted enough to be an accomplice to this scheme. Since Starr has thrown our nation into a soap opera of moral debate rather than expose the devastating evidence and get an immediate consensus from all Americans, we now know what happened since. Starr obviously got Janet Reno to expand his investigation to include Monica Lewinsky so that he could use it to cover-up the real crimes of Bill Clinton. That is why he concluded the sex scandal investigation so quickly and the other real criminal investigations have dragged on for four years. Bill Clinton now has the opportunity to resign with reasonable assurance that Starr will continue the cover-up, Clinton will never be indicted and the American people will never know the truth. However, if Bill and Hillary Clinton decide to stay and fight there is still one last chance of exposure. The House Judiciary committee has the option to include additional incriminating evidence from all other investigations in the Articles of Impeachment. If Clinton does not resign and the majority Republican Judiciary Committee does not include evidence in those articles, then we will have proof of collusion between Republican and Democrat parties to cover-up criminal activity and we will have witnessed firsthand, the total corruption of the American political system.

God Bless America! 

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Last Update September 29, 1998