Of A Former Naval Officer and Student of History 
 These are my personal comments on a variety of subjects. They also include things that I think are important for the militia and patriot movements in general. Some of them have been uploaded to the net before on the PIML mailing list in the form of "MJN" postings. The Citizens for Better Government have also been kind enough to carry some of my other writings on the front page of their site. These can be found under the titles of  What Is Federal Jurisdiction, Blueprint of the Republic, Modern Militias 
   While I am the elected spokesman for the North Central Florida Regional Militia, and thus to a certain extent for the militia movement as a whole, other members of my unit, and other units in general may or may not agree with my comments.  
   The Citizens for Better Government are not associated with either the North Central Florida Regional Militia or any other militia unit. They are simply a discussion group, whose members have been kind enough to occasionally listen to me at their meetings and have found what I have to say interesting enough to devote part of their website to it.  
- Mike/North Central Florida Regional Militia

"It is freedom, gentlemen. It is freedom and not a choice of the forms of servitude for which we contend. We entertain no jealousy of the present Congress, but who knows but in some future corrupt times there may be a Congress which may form a design upon the liberties of the people. And will it be difficult to execute such a design when they have absolute command of the navy, the army, and the purse?"

- John Adams