At the Crossroads
An Open Letter to All Americans
Thursday, 20 May 1999

Dear American,

You are losing your right to keep and bear arms. Shortly after the Oklahoma City Bombing on April 19, 1995, many of you learned about a network of people you wrongly thought were responsible for the deaths of 168 Americans.

As you watched in horror, you became convinced – although you supported the Second Amendment, that many of you had to distance yourself from such types.

It became unpopular to be labels with the various negatives that were given to people who called themselves "militias".

For the next few months after that bombing, you had the opportunity to hear and read all their rhetoric. You heard all of it. Some of you have continued read their opinions via the Internet, short-wave radio, and even in some cases, AM talk radio. Still, you choose not believe them – to write them off as mere "kooks", and a justification to expand the power of an already all-powerful government – the one you fear and loathe today.

Today, you, the Second Amendment activist - you the conservative - may be throwing up your hands in defeat. The political inertia to legislate away the right to keep and bear arms – and your Liberty, is now on auto-pilot.

Your executive branch of government has proven to you it cares nothing about your nation’s security, your personal security, or the laws of the nation as a whole. You attempted to elect a legislature to keep the power of the regime in check. Now, you have even lost faith in them. You now look at Washington, DC as the municipal model of hypocrisy for the world.

You are now at a crossroads. You, as well as the rest of us have lost more rights and freedom in the last 7 years, than during the entire war of 1861-1865. You now fear that by the turn of this century, you – all of us will find ourselves against a wall, with virtually everything you believe –everything you were taught – your entire value system of life, will made criminal behavior, and shunned by the social power of the day.

Yet, we are Americans. And being an American once stood for something –something that is being stamped out of existence. Some of you may now be contemplating your own personal future – and what your next generation faces in their future. You dare not speak it, or even think it. To do so, will bring a terrifying vision that would bring into question every moral fiber in your soul. You are truly at an American Crossroads that has not been approached on this soil since 1865.

It was made public on June 15, 1995 in Washington, D.C. at a Senate Subcommittee hearing on Domestic Terrorism. It was the following statement that troubled many then, as will trouble many today. As you watch your legislators at work in Washington today, remember these words:

"…The only thing standing between this type of [legislation] and armed conflict between the citizens and this government is Time…."

It is a frightening thought. I can say from personal knowledge, that the person who made that statement was frightened by it also. It frightens him today. It was spoken by a person who at the time, represented in part - the militia movement in the United States of America.

Four years later, there are many who in their minds, know they owe the militia movement – those so-called "patriots" - those right wing crazies - an apology. Like it or not, virtually all of their fears and predictions have become reality in four short years. What you are seeing in Washington, D.C. , and what is going on in your soul today, is why they were arming themselves; training themselves; and trying to warn you. Today, many of them are rotting in jails for mere political reasons. Some have left the country in disgust. Others have abandoned the battle, only to stand as a witness for the ages, and to prove to themselves that their fears had merit.

They were not criminals. They were not terrorists. They were Americans, just like you.

I personally witnessed a tragedy last night. I had to visit a successful Man in a federal jail awaiting trial for a crime he did not commit – a crime with no victim. It is a crime for speaking his mind against government policy - and daring to hurt no one. He is not a "militiaman". He is not a right-wing extremist. He has never committed a crime in his life. He is not even an American. He is European.

The man was one who loved America and the Americans he knew. He loved to visit the Home of the Free and the Land of the Brave. He would tell his friends and family back home about its beauties and treasures. A man who remembered when Americans of his generation liberated his continent from oppression. He was there – under the dark boot of tyranny. While going over the details of his plight, this gray hared businessman began to cry. Not over anything he had done, not over the predicament he was in (incarceration), but that in his mind, America has become what it once fought against just a generation ago. He should know – he was there. He vowed that upon his acquittal, he will never return to U.S. soil again. I cried with him. I am an American.

This man has seen the crossroads. He is among the many foreigners who dare not trespass on this soil for the same reasons. They know. They were there, too. Citizens of the world stand in awe of what the children of their liberators have become. They tremble in fear of the awesome power of the American military might. They wonder with impatience when it will end.

Who will be our liberators? Who dares to ignite the extinguished Torch Light of Freedom? Who shall have the courage to balance the Scales of Justice? Who among us shall water the Tree of Liberty? Will the liberators land on the beaches at Normandy and Tripoli, or Lexington, and Concord?

We wait for the World’s Liberator – while the rest of the world waits for us. We will be judged by history. Judged for the ultimate crime – the crime of doing nothing while evil triumphed. We are being killed – long before our hearts stop beating. We are being imprisoned – long before the cold steel gates are slammed in our faces. We are being labeled criminals – long before we violate any of their laws. American, we are at the Crossroads.

If you hear the hoof beats of Paul Revere’s horse, you are not deaf. Nor are not blind if you see the storms clouds of Lexington. Nor are alone if your soul compels you to act. The world is waiting on you, American.

Let there be no date set – nor let there be a mark on the calendar. Let each man choose his own fate. His own time. Let our Posterity be shown with pride, the portraits of their ancestors who sacrificed all against the Oppressor – the Enemy on their own soil. Let us hold in Honor, those who cared not about the law of the oppressor and laid waist the enemy who waged War against our natural being – our beliefs – our existence.

This is the Call to Action – the Order of Battle. To arm ourselves with our reasons for believing, living, fighting, and dying – or to simply die without reason. The Enemy has made their choice. Now, each of us must make our Choice. To make History – or become History. This is our Fate. This is our Destiny. This is the Great American Crossroads. American, there is a War in progress – and waiting on you.

- J.J. Johnson –
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Revised  June 5, 1999