Politically Incorrect: And Proud of It! 
Text and Images Prepared by Max Sloan
The News and Views of Max Sloan
Is Your Church BATF-Approved?
Janet Reno Can Get It Approved!
If You Liked Bill-Hilliary, You'll Love Reno!
Reno 2002 - Let's Keep It Going - The Plan Is Working
A Bridge Too Far ....... Left
A bridge has been built over the interstate from land to land. It's even
landscaped to spare the creatures crossing it a view of the highway!

Making FROGress
More further "down the drain" action
Update: Your Wasted Highway Tax Dollars at Work

The End:
A Nation of Laws or Submachine Guns?
Elian: It's Not About Family
It's about jack-booted thugs...
You know the Drill- Assault Weapons
Originally developed for military use, they are now available to the public without permits of any kind ...
Your Wasted Highway Tax Dollars At Work
Just south of Gainesville, Florida, along highway 441 crossing Paynes Prairie, is a $3.6 million dollar project to protect FROGS!
Let's Not Forget
Justice Needs Only a Warrant

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Last Modified January 13, 2002