Our Right to Keep and Bear Arms 

Imagine our America under some dictator's rule,   
Our Freedom and our nation's flag were held up to ridicule.   
We've always cherished freedom, though others may not care,   
And we will fight in its defense-with guns, guts and prayer.   
The Founding Fathers saw the need, they made the choice to fight,   
Put down their plows, picked up their guns, and lit the freedom light.   
The guns brought food and clothing too, lt turned back our deadly foe,   
Protected shores, maintained the seas, and let aggressors, know,   
That while they too have weapons strong to use against our creed,   
We won't be backed against the wall, We'll fight till  we succeed.   
Be it rifle, pistol, shotgun, the message is the same;   
To fight for what is justly ours, has always been our aim.   
The bearing of our armament has shown the world our might, no mealy mouthed   
official will take away that right.   
They want to outlaw owning guns, and if they should decree,   
Then only outlaws would have guns, They break the laws, you see.   
No, we will not turn in our guns, no matter what they do,   
The passing of an unjust law would make us outlaws too!   
So let each man  maintain his guns, forget the registration,   
Cause all that laws will ever get is righteous indignation.   
Some say that guns are dangerous, that talking's all we need,   
But don't they know that words and pens have never guaranteed   
That what has been agreed upon will ever come to pass,   
Or that the enemy won't come and kick our unarmed ass?   
We want our women and children to rest assured each day,   
That hearth and home, our family life, are safe in every way.   
Damn those liberal politicians who shout for gun controls,   
They're only calling for reforms to keep themselves in control,   
To leave us alone and defenseless, so we can't have a say,   
But underneath deep in their treacherous hearts,   
They've got to know that  Without our guns, the Nation's life's at stake!   
So never mind their hue and cry, their patent false alarms,   
We'll fight until the very end for OUR RIGHT TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS!   

- Author unknown:
Additions and Modifications by Mike Kelly
"Those who enjoy the blessings of liberty must, like men, undergo the fatigues of supporting it."
                                                                  -Thomas Paine
"The hottest place in hell must be reserved for those who in the face of great moral crisis, maintain their neutrality."                            -Winston Churchill

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Revised  April 28, 1999