Sustainable Development:

The New Feudalism!

We hear much from President Clinton and Vice President Al Gore about sustainable development. Backed mostly by unverified facts, the people of the United States are being placed in jeopardy for the sole purpose of achieving world government.

How did all of this come into being? In 1960 the Department of Defense held meetings to discuss various scenarios on ways to gain control of the citizens. One solution was to convince people that the earth was in danger environmentally. Report from Iron Mountain, DOD, 1960.

Of course government officials staunchly deny that such a meeting ever took place. However, one of the members in attendance was columnist William F. Buckley, a former agent of the CIA. When a copy of the report made its way into the press, Mr. Buckley assured all that it was indeed real and correct.



Unless you live in a closet you have heard the president discoursing on habitats, watersheds, sustainable communities, ad infinitum.


 The ultimate plans are that thirty percent of U.S. lands are to be set aside, as wildlife preserves; no humans permitted. These are to be joined together with corridors so animals can migrate from area to area without restraint. Of course all people will have to be moved out of these areas as they did in the 1930's when the government set up the TVA in Tennessee. This means the rest of the U.S. will become much more crowded.

Surrounding the restricted areas will be buffer zones, and, if permitted by the controlling agency, its use will be limited to agriculture or grazing. Whether the government will compensate landowners for their property is open to speculation, but whatever does happen will be at the expense of the taxpayer. Detailed Map

The resulting overcrowding will not be a problem because sustainable communities are to be developed, consisting primarily of apartments only the very rich will be able to afford houses. Since people will be living in these tight little communities they can do away with automobiles. People will use mass transit, bicycles, or walk to work. Factories, what few will be left, will be integrated into the communities and the residents must find employment at a factory or with some service company.

Of course, if you didn't like the work at the local factory you wouldn't be able to commute to another town because you no longer will have a car. And if you don't believe that the government can take your car, move to New Jersey or California with a vehicle that cannot pass the emission standards. They will confiscate it without reimbursement!

Why would our government desire for us to live in these small communities? Because the populace will be much easier to control. We are progressing from a republic to a socialistic feudal state.

The idea of the government taking land from the citizens is beyond comprehension. The social as well as the economic cost is beyond imagination. The right to make such a decision is neither that of the government nor of environmentalists, and anyone who would be so foolish as to enforce such a plan will live to regret it.

All of this may sound like some wild dream of a radical environmentalist; nonetheless, it is the actual plan developed by the UN. What the UN doesn't understand and our administration seems to have forgotten is that our government does not own either land or property, the people own it all!



Backed by only nineteen percent of the scientific community, the primary thrust of this propaganda is "global warming." We are being told we must sacrifice for the good of the world!

But other scientists are predicting that instead of global warming, we may be heading into a new ice age. Although satellites indicate a warming of the oceans, land temperatures are decreasing. Recent studies have shown that there is more volcanic activity than ever before on record, and what most people don't understand is that there are many more volcanoes below the ocean than above. Ice age proponents believe that this is the main reason for the warming of the seas and for the "El Niño" off the Pacific coast. This warming causes more water vapor to enter the atmosphere producing disastrous rains, floods, and more snow in the winter that takes longer to melt each spring. This additional moisture, along with cooling landmasses, has caused a large increase in the thickness of the ice caps in Greenland in the north and the Antarctic ice shelf in the south.

Several years ago, scientists took ice cores, two miles deep, from the Greenland ice cap. They were so startled with the results that they repeated their work only to verify that, not only were there ice ages every 11,000 years, but they only took twenty years to form. Due at any time, an ice age could be as disastrous to civilization as global warming.

In the early 1900s, citrus was grown in north central Florida, around Gainesville. After three freezes, citrus growers moved to the Orlando area, but in the 1980s the growers were again frozen out and moved further south. It seems Florida isn't getting warmer!



First and foremost it is a provable hoax. According to the UN Committee on Sustainable Development there is too much pollution in the form of greenhouse gasses caused by the use of fossil fuels. So what is their solution? Why, cut back fossil fuel use in the United States and the developed nations but exempt underdeveloped nations (131 of them) from restrictions. In other words we move pollution from the developed world to the underdeveloped world and worldwide, emissions remain the same or get worse!



The UN would have you believe that their actions are purely altruistic, that we must help the underprivileged of the world to a better life. After all, we in the United States owe them since we have used so much of the resources for our own selfish gains.

Is that why they would permit the underdeveloped nations to increase their use of fossil fuels? Not on your life! Where have all the factories gone? To the nations having cheap labor where the industrialists will need their fossil fuels. To those underdeveloped nations where, for example, in Mexico, pollution control is a farce. Pollution controls decrease profits, and profit has become synonymous with greed

What the United States accomplished by improving our nation's infrastructure, developing industries, and inventing new products, resulted in the highest standard of living in the world. This was done by its own citizens through hard work. We certainly should not be ashamed of what we have achieved.

No one denies that the U.S. has used large quantities of fossil fuels, but what is neglected is that we are one of the world's leaders in pollution control. That is why many of the factories are leaving. Also neglected is the fact that the U.S. rebuilt Europe after the Second World War; that we have shipped grain to needy nations around the world, even to our enemies. We have tried to help other nations through Peace Corps efforts; and food, medicines and aid have been given freely to nations suffering natural disasters.

We have not been instrumental in causing other nations to be overpopulated and undereducated, they did it themselves! That many underdeveloped nations are now beginning to enter the age of industrialism would be laudable if they were accomplishing it on their own. But when foreign industrialists build factories, develop fuel resources, and start basic industries, the people learn very little. And when countries don't control their industries they do not establish the standard of living of the employees. The thousands of factories that have moved south of the border or to Pacific Rim countries are not paying living wages to their employees. The result is essentially slave labor!

The goal of the UN, according to its Covenant on Human Rights, is to equalize the standard of living worldwide. Of course this is socialism, which means that those who work will support those who don't. While the citizens of the poorer nations will not benefit any more than they already have with the acquisition of their NAFTA and GATT industries, the U.S. will lose, degenerating to third-world status.

Also, according to the UN Covenant, the goal is to redistribute the wealth of the nations and this they are already accomplishing. But this wealth is being redistributed to the pockets of the large industrialists and bankers not to the undeveloped nations.

The most moderate goal for reducing the greenhouse emissions of the United States is twenty percent. But many nations are unhappy and want an even greater reduction for the United States; after all it doesn't affect them! With America's interfering foreign policies, we don't have many friends left.



It will mean that even more factories will be departing from the United States. Oh, it's true there will be more employment, as has been the case since NAFTA and GATT were passed. But the statistic the government doesn't release is the one, which shows that many people are now working two jobs or the wife is now working, so employment has increased! Just what will a twenty-percent reduction in fossil fuel use mean to us? Estimates are that gasoline will increase from 25¢ to 50¢ per gallon, electric power will go up 80% and fuel oil 100%. But the toll on our standard of living will be beyond measure.



As further proof that pollution is destroying our world, it is pointed out that there are holes in the ozone layer over the north and south poles. What they neglect to inform the public is that it is solar radiation striking the oxygen in the stratosphere, which converts stratospheric oxygen into ozone. Of course, in June with no sunlight on the South Pole, and in December with none on the North Pole holes do appear, and then as the seasons change they disappear.



If your car is getting old and you want a new one it would be ridiculous to sell the old one first because you would then be without transportation. This analogy is true in eliminating fossil fuels. First we should develop alternative sources, and there are many.

During the Carter administration the government sponsored research into alternative sources of energy; wind, solar, etc. Tax breaks were given to homeowners who improved the thermal efficiency of their homes. When Reagan took office, research stopped.

There are already alternate carburetors and fuels capable of more than doubling automobile fuel efficiency. But with energy research re-instituted, further breakthroughs should be forthcoming. Some sources would be pollution free because they would only convert energy, not create it.

Of course the oil, gas and coal industries will fight such an R&D program. They don't want to lessen the use of their products; they only want to shift the area of its use. What must be decided is whether the money interests are going to rule our country or are we going to insist on our constitutional rights.



There are many problems facing the people of the United States today, all caused by an ever-growing government, which is usurping the rights of the people. However, most of these problems are already in existence, and it is much more difficult to remove a government agency or project than it is to prevent the acceptance of a new one. Set the old issues aside for a while, this issue is critical and it must be stopped!

It is time now to write to your senators and your congressman and express your views concerning, not only the environmental treaty, but also the unconstitutional privilege of "fast-track." Letters or cards should be brief and to the point.

Organize groups to inform the public of the issues, you can bet the media is not going to do it! Duplicate this brochure or write your own. Write letters to the editors. Study the issues, become an authority, able to answer any and all questions.

Last, be prepared for a peaceful march on Washington if the government turns a deaf ear on our opinions. We must let our government know that we will not tolerate interference with our Constitution and the rights of the people either by our government or by the United Nations.

We must not let them destroy our nation!

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