Sea Stories, Scuttlebutt and Other Lies

A History of USS Chicago by Robb R. Donaldson

USS Cavalla Incident by George G. Fredlund

The USS Permit Incident by Dave Stoops

The Chicago Story by Glenn Bentley

The Rackso Fiasco by Joe DiPietro

More about SN Rackso and a Tech Rep Tale by Willam Liston

Born to The Sea by Steven O'Berry

Electronic Magic by Joe DiPietro

Shoe Shine by Tom McFadzean

Ship's Laundry vs. the Commanding Officer and Admiral by Jan H. Carstanjen

XO's Mast by Jan H. Carstanjen

The Old Red Truck by Joe DiPietro

Boomer Duck by Vern Mitchell

Fool Overboard! by Robert L. Clark

Fool Overboard, Take Two! by J. Michael Taylor

Motorcycle in the Library. by AL Wellman

Hats Off High-Line. by Tom McFadzean

A Night to Remember! by Marion Sisco

Man O' War by Steve Pierce

New Ship in Town by Art Bruns

Another Night to Remember! by Clayton Wright Jr.

Moon over Leningrad by Richard L. Hanson

Man your Battlestations! by John Cangialosi

Chief Overboard! by Steve Kunze

Bad Buoy! by Steve Kunze

Between the Macks by Steve Kunze

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