Hats Off High-Line

This story happened during a stores high-line on the 69 cruise. I had only been a BM3 for about a month or two when I was called on to take charge of a hi-line from the Chi-town to a stores ship that was steaming alongside us. Well I guess I was nerveous and a litlle unsure of the operation, so my concern was focused on the safety issue more than other aspects of the job. About 1/3 of the way through it I hear a voice yelling through a mega-phone " Boatswain Mate- Boatswain Mate". I look around, don't see anyone looking in my direction, keep on doing whatever I was doing. Couple seconds go by, same thing. This time I look up. Standing on the after section of the bridge is Capt DeLargy bullhorn in hand. Now I start sweating.

Says to me "See me after secure from hi-line". Aye-aye sir was my reply. Make my way up to that tower in the sky and meet marine guard at the old man's cabin. Now I'm sweating bullets. Once inside the Capt asks me if I know why I was summoned. I say "No Sir".

He says our ship must portray the best the Navy has and the next time we have another ship alongside to make sure my men have their ball caps on! " Yes Sir" was all I could thing to say!

Tom McFadzean

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