Seaman Rackso and other memories

I was on the bridge assigned to the Port Motor Whale boat during the seaman "rackso" episode and thought CDR Reiman was going to have a stroke. I saw ADM Reiman during an IG inspection in 1984 or 85 at Naval Hospital Roosevelt Roads Puerto Rico and he obviously had done well for himself. I still use many of the lessons I learned from the " XO" in my first real "navy" job.

I also remember when one of the Tech reps was encouraged to go outside the flag bridge during a tartar launch to get a better picture of the missile going off. He came in choking and sputtering trying to find the Junior Officer that had made the helpful suggestion to him.

Then there was the target boat that we tried to sink for hours with all kinds of weapons off Hawaii during a Westpac Deployment.

I thoroughly enjoyed all my time on the ship.

Capt Liston

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