Boomer Duck

Does anyone remember the saga of Boomer Duck? I believe it was during the 69 cruise. One of the tanker wings on the carrier, named boomers oddly enough, had rescued a baby duck from the alligator pit in Subic Bay. The soft hearted (headed) air squids raised the duckling as if it was their own child (it was smarter) and they bragged about how well the "kid" was doing.

To make a long story short the birdfarm XO got wind of the new recruit and raised all kinds of cain. The boomers decided they would have to send Boomer duck on a mission. They gave him a seabag, a record, and transfer orders.

That is how it came to be that a box-o-duck arrived on the Chi and started his tour as seaman Boomer Duck. His apprenticeship started with the Fire control pukes and then he was hijacked to one of the top-side metal preservation divisions. It was a big game of hide and seek for a couple of weeks til the wrong people heard about it then it was shipout time again! We advanced Boomer to 3rd. class and sent him off to parts unknown.

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Vern Mitchell

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