Shoe Shine

This is a short story cause I know sailors fall asleep fast! In Dec.68 I got transferred to the USS Chicago From a great duty station, USS Piedmont (AD-17), so it was quite a shock. Tender duty is like shore duty ya know! But when I made 3rd class they thought I would'nt be able to give orders to guys I went on liberty call with. Good thinking on their part I guess.

Let me get to the memory on the Chi-town I hear some ZZZZZ's. On WestPac cruise of 69 one stop at Subic we arrived after dark, but did that stop a true sailor from hitting the EM club? Hardly!! Myself and a couple other deck ape's (I say that proudly) went down to the Quarterdeck to go into town. Now you have to remember it's pitch dark and here's the OD with a flashlight checking shine's on our shoes!

Did'nt believe what I was seeing!

Tom McFadzean

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