New Ship in Town

I was on the commissioning crew back in 1964 when the Chicago (CG-11) went to San Diego, its home port, for the first time. It was in the latter part of September and we had an admiral on board. Broadway pier at that time was just an ordinary pier, not the elaborate waterfront that is there now. When we pulled in, there was a Navy band to welcome us. Refreshments were served and the public was invited to tour the ship. Being tied up at Broadway pier was like having a hotel room in downtown San Diego. That soon came to an end and we moved over to North Island the next day. Since the bridge was not yet built, we had to take the "nickel snatchers" over to town. We had the choice of the 10 cent ones or the nicer 25 cent rides.

There were several articles in the San Diego Union about the powerful USS Chicago and the great addition to the 7th Fleet. They even mentioned the boost to the local economy this would bring to the city. I have to admit that, compared to Hunter's Point in San Francisco, San Diego was a paradise.

Art Bruns DS2 (

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