The New World Order:
A Jewish Plot?   

   There is one aspect of the message in question that bears some commentary. The individual who wrote it seems to think that all the problems that we are facing in America today can ultimately be laid at the feet of people who are ethnically Jewish. That point of view is not only incorrect, but also that will lead people to attempt to apply the wrong solutions to the problems that we are facing, therefore just about guaranteeing that those problems will continue.
    Now, the main thing that the people who are causing all these problems have in common is that they are pushing for what could be called the New World Order. Some of the people who are doing this may be doing so out of ignorance, but at the level where most of the serious planning takes place, that is not the case. Most of the people who are involved in the upper echelons of this effort are well aware of what it is they are doing. Now, while it is true that some of them are ethnically Jewish, that doesn't make the New World Order a Jewish plot any more than the fact that there are Italians in the Mafia makes organzied crime as a whole an Italian plot, or even the Mafia something that all Italians participate in. Quite simply, any group of people that is large enough will have members of a criminal bent, and their actions can not necessarily be taken as indicative of the group as a whole.
    While it is true that those involved in the New World Order are trying to push some sort of global religion, that religion is nothing that anybody who truly loves God's Torah would want anything to do with. So, the New World Order is neither an ethnic Jewish plot, nor is it a religious Jewish plot. It is simply a plot for the control of the world, in which some people who are of ethnic Jewish descent are playing a role. To focus on them to the detriment of all the other factors involved in this is not only to miss the mark, but also to offer aid and comfort to the enemy.
This is because by focusing only on the ethnic background of some of the participants the following problems will arise:

- Mike/North Central Florida Regional Militia
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Last Revision: September 30, 1997