Strange Troop Movements...
Eyewitness Report:
Soviet Military Equipment On Flatcars

February 14, 1998

Are We Shipping the Russians Out?

   On one side, I'm thinking about the fact that Russia has said it won't side with the U.S.A. regarding planned attacks on Iraq. Are we shipping the Russians out? 
    On the other side, I'm thinking about the fact that our U.S.A. troops are stationed in over 130 countries around the globe. And that, the U.N. has troops located in various parts of our nation. Is the U.N. up to something?  
    All the speculation means nothing. But, this one warrants some research. I know absolutely zilch about the equipment mentioned. It certainly sounds ominous.

Thanks David for sending Rick's message forward. 

And what is our Congress doing? Well *%#!, their usual. They decided yesterday to take another weeks vacation. They won't be back in session until the 24th. 

Rick's Message 

   Tonight at work I witnessed something very bizarre, we have a train track behind my building... About 11:00 pm tonight I heard a train passing, this is strange as it is a semi residential area and usually trains doing run past 10:00 pm... So I looked out the back windows and saw a flat car after flat car of what looked like tarped farm equipment... The train was moving fairly slowly and the walk from my building to the track is about 50 meters so I strolled over to take a closer look... As I got closer something struck me as odd, the railheaded vehicles looked military... As I got right up to the track I saw one of the vehicles coming up the track had the tarp partially off and what I saw under the tarp shocked me... It was a ZSU-23-4 Soviet Anti Aircraft vehicle... As I watched I saw what looked like BRDM's, BMP's, more ZSU's and the real kicker, and no joking here people... T-72's!!!!!! Now all the other vehicles shocked me but the "possible" T-72's sacred the hell out of me... I started counting the outlines of the potential T-72's and there were 40 minimum... Who knows how many might have gone by before I walked out, all together there were an estimated 100 vehicles that I counted, not counting what had already gone by and this was a long train!!!!! The rail there were on was a western track header toward Kansas, I say again west... At the end of the train were ten boxcars two of which had lights on inside them but I could only see light coming from inside nothing else... I am in Kansas City and witnessed this myself, no second hand info here, I personally saw this... Distribute as you see fit 

Rick A. 
  The Ramble ...

While I had 8 years in the service it was in the Navy, not the Army, so I'm not totally familiar with all the Soviet equipment types, nevertheless: In short, this stuff not only sounds ominous, it is ominous. The U.S. Marine Corps was able to function as well as they were in the last war that we had with Iraq because of their practice of prepositioning the gear that they thought they would need in a certain area already loaded onto ships that were anchored at a secure U.S. forward base. Thus, all the Marines had to do when it came time to put ground forces in Saudi Arabia was to put their troops onto planes and troop transports sans gear, and get them to Saudi as fast as they could. In the meantime, the already loaded ships were dispatched from the forward base with the gear to meet the Marines as they arrived. Thus, the Marine units were able to get themselves and their gear to Saudi Arabia in a fraction of the time that it would have taken otherwise.
Now, given that there is all this Soviet style equipment here, a similar operation could be run against this country. All they need to do is to get their troops here. Their heavy armored equipment is already here waiting for them. That's why some of us militia types get so exercised over sightings of all this equipment. There appears to be a lot more of this in country than can be accounted for by the need to have Soviet style vehicles for (1) study [have to find out exactly how they operate and what their weak points are] and (2) target practice [why should we shoot our own gear?]. Foreign troops training here arguably wouldn't need Soviet style equipment because we're allegedly training them as "friendly" troops on our own equipment. So, the only other logical explanation for all that gear is that they are prepositioning it here for use here. Which automatically implies that the troops who would be using it are not our troops because our troops don't use that gear. However, any attempt to try to explain that to people in general will immediately get you labled as "paranoid" and "crazy".
- Mike Johnson/Militia at large
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