Cautious Is My Middle Name  

   You could say that "Cautious" is my middle name . Seriously though, if the government wants to stage something using agents provocateur, then they will stage something using agents provocateur and lie through their teeth as to how representative their agents are of the movement as a whole. So, the best one can hope for is that their organization per se will be ignored. However, the strategies that are best for being ignored by the system are the worst to use in some respects if you want to try to awaken the public.

    Therefore, militias and other patriotic groups are essentially in a "damned if you do, damned if you don't" scenario. The public at large must be educated as to what is going on. The best way to do that is through various different means (production of video tapes, audio tapes, essays, pamphlets, tracts, setting up websites, public meetings, etc.) to provide the information that the public needs. Such work cannot be done "in secret" if it is to reach enough people to have the desired effect. Therefore, if you are engaged in such activities, then it is only a matter of time before the government figures out just who you are, what group you are part of, and eventually makes a decision about whether or not it's going to be worth their time to play with you. Note that the biggest part of the equation is probably going to be how effective the government thinks you are in getting the word out, as its resources are limited to a certain extent.

   As the old saying goes, "You pays your money and you takes your choice." In order for a peaceful resolution of the problems we have with our government, we must educate as many people as we can as to what is going on. Also, as people who see ourselves as trying to uphold the Common Law and the Constitution for the united States of America, then we are duty and honor bound to try to solve things peacefully while that is still even potentially possible. Those actions can best be done in public.

   Now, there is a role for various different "covert" organizations or "cell groups" to play. And if people want to get involved in stuff like that then there are other considerations that they are going to have to take into account. But unfortunately one of those is that by their very secretiveness, they will not be able to directly influence public opinion and therefore will have a limited "deterrent effect" on the actions of the government. Thus, they will not be able to make their most major impact and contributions until after the balloon has gone up. 

- Mike/North Central Florida Regional Militia

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These  are the personal views of Mike Johnson. He was the elected spokesman of the North Central Florida Regional Militia. They are neither endorsed nor supported by Citizens For Better Government. They are presented for informational purposes only. 

Last Revision: November 29, 1997