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   This is sections of another message that I recieved off the net with my comments interspersed. As a general rule for this style of commentary, the message that I am commenting on will be in this typeface and my comments will be in the typeface you are reading now.

This is not a drill and it certainly is not a joke. About a week ago, I began getting reports about a possible germ warfare attack. The volume of information has grown to an avalanche as more and more information comes in. I have not had time to post this information to my site
The American Resistance Movement
However, the early information was posted by Jeff Head on his "Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death" home page. Here is the link:
Biological Terror

   I know that Mr. Harris has been promulgating the information in question for quite some time. The first time I heard Mr. Harris he was being interviewed by John Statmiller and Mark Koernke on their shortwave radio talk show, "The Intelligence Report" on September 30, 1996. While Mr. Harris was a guest on their show several times in the weeks that followed, they haven't mentioned him at all that I can think of for several months now. I don't know whether that's because they feel they have already covered the situation well enough, or because they have decided that Mr. Harris may not have been as good a source as they thought he was initially.
   I can say that one of my contacts is an individual who had been working in Jeff Baker's "Amerinet" shortwave radio broadcasting network. That person came to have serious doubts about the credibility of some of Harris' information after dealing with him over time. I recall that on at least one instance, Harris phoned into a shortwave radio talk show hosted by Steve Cuelho (spelling?) with a tale that one of the bigger cities in Kansas had suffered an attack by bioweapons. Later information from other sources demonstrated that to be false, and mainstream media ended up running articles decrying Cuelho as a rumor spreader.

Having received an overload of information and trying to get it out quickly, here is what is currently known (to the best of my knowledge):
LARRY WAYNE HARRIS: He has been a figure in a lot of this so let me start with him. He was a former member of the CIA and a registered microbiologist (despite disinformation claiming that he is only a septic tank inspector. He does have his own lab (despite disinformation to the contrary). He is considered one of the top experts on biological warfare. He has written a book entitled Bacteriological Warfare: A Major Threat To America. This book is scheduled to come out in a couple of weeks -- after the scheduled attack. Advance promotion will start next week. I told him that he had really bad timing and that if the attack were next week, the book would never make it to the bookstores. He said that it was God's will. He also stated that the book was essentially a Civil Defense manual and that he did not anticipate making money on it and has given advance copies to missionaries, etc..

This book has actually been out for quite some time. The initial print runs were, and probably still are, available through Jeff Baker's "Amerinet" shorwtave radio broadcasting network. If I recall, the asking price is somewhere around $20.00. In addition, there is a condensed version of it that can be downloaded from the following website:

At least part of the book is devoted to a discussion of various different antibiotics that one could take and recommended dosages to deal with exposure to certain biowarfare agents. The dosages that have been recommended by Harris are controversial. Information provided by the Militia of Montana suggests that Harris' dosage information could lead to people having problems by "overdosing" with the antibiotics in question. However, a good friend of mine who is a Doctor has commented to me several times that, "it's almost impossible to overdose on antibiotics." I honestly don't know what the truth of the matter is, but highly recommend that people research the matter to the best of their ability before simply scarfing down large quantities of any drug.

As far as I know, he has no direct financial involvement in this matter (the book may never be sold!). I spoke with him for about an hour and we exchanged a lot of information by fax. He never once told me of ANYTHING I could buy from him. He was extremely straightforward. I asked him specific questions and got specific answers. Here is some information he shared:

I can state explicitly that the book is or at least was for sale through Jeff Baker's "Amerinet" shortwave radio broadcasting network. I have heard it advertised on their network, my friend who used to work there was able to give me the details of the contract between Harris and Baker over who got which chunk of the purchase price of the book, other friends of mine purchased the book and I have held copies of it in my hot little hands. Harris specifically does have a direct financial involvement in the sale of his book through Amerinet. Now, whether or not that means he'll actually be able to net much out of the deal is another question entirely (his share of the pie is rather small), but to say that he has no financial involvement is false.

The U.S. Government sold Iran enough biological agents to kill everyone in the WORLD ten times over in the 1980's. Then we double-crossed them and they swore revenge on us.

The version that I heard given by Harris initially back in September of last year was fingering Iraq and not Iran as the bad guy in the picture. However, that could also be a typo on the part of the person who uploaded the initial message.

The Pentagon sees germ warfare attack as a real threat. Since the first of the year, they have been inoculating military personnel. He also told me that the military was on a state of high alert.

   I have independent confirmation of a concern by the military about biowarfare in general, and have heard mention of inoculations. I don't have any good information about the current alert status of the military.
   I have heard Mr. Harris on the air and can say that he sounds reasonable and knowledgeable. The information he provides is certainly alarming enough. Also, when one looks at the course of action that one should take to deal with the problem on their own level, it comes down to simply increasing one's level of preparedness by obtaining some good, broad spectrum antibiotics and possibly some gas masks or at least surgeon's type masks. So it's not like one has to radically alter their total lifestyle to deal with the problem. However, I have also seen a variety of various disinformation scares run through the patriot community before. I have some reservations about Mr. Harris because there is information that he has provided that has not always checked out that well. Certainly, if the person who typed the original message in and uploaded it to the net gave an accurate account of what Harris told him about the book, then it looks like Harris deliberately lied about his book's availability. Why would Harris do such a thing? Possibly to make the information that Harris was providing that person look even more important and time critical than it arguably was. Thus ensuring it would be spread farther and faster with less time spent reviewing and analyzing it.
     So, I can't say that there won't be a biowarfare attack of some type taking place. Harris' story may in fact be more than "close enough for government work". But I can say that I don't feel reassured by the techniques I have seen employed by Harris to spread the information around. That's the part that feels more like some type of disinformation ploy than an honest attempt to get a critical word out.
- Mike/North Central Florida Regional Militia
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