Y2K? Armageddon Jan. 1st, 2000?
Or Are They Going to Make Their Move Sooner?

  "I believe the predictability of this scenario on the 1st of January, year 2000, is close to one hundred percent, if they don't come up with some other emergency in the meantime. If they do, it will be merely for the purpose of further limiting our options when it does happen.  
We have, in my view, two years, three months, and two weeks left to prepare for what will amount to Armageddon."
   I tend to disagree somewhat. It isn't that I think that Y2K won't be a problem, and it isn't that I think we won't have to deal with a government gone completely totalitarian. My only disagreement is with the timing of the thing.
  If the government's computers are going to be rendered largely useless on January 1, 2000, then the government is effectively in a "use it or lose it" scenario. Right now the government has the use of all those computers, the use of the internet and other assorted data linking capabilities, and the use of large numbers of detailed dossiers that they have compiled on people for whatever reasons and stored in computer databases. The government also has the ability to collate information on people from a wide variety of different private and commerical databases and get incredibly detailed information on them without having to spend any significant effort to do so. They have all this today and they can do all this today. But maybe after January 1, 2000 they won't be able to.
So, I tend to think that they may move to deal with potential problem people before they lose all their fancy toys. Let's face it, if you were in charge of trying to set a totalitarian government in place, when would you want to deal with people who would be likely to resist you? While you still have a good electronic information superhighway and can track a significant percentage of the people in almost everything they do, or when things have degenerated into computerized chaos and you can't even get your own paycheck sorted out? To my way of thinking, the answer is obvious.
It is my opinion that we will probably see the government making a major move directed at dissidents/"domestic terrorists"/militia/patriots/Christians/whatevers before all their fancy computers get tied in knots. That way they have a decent chance of catching people sleeping. That way they have a decent chance of catching somebody on the move when they absentmindedly use a credit card to buy gas. That way they have a chance of figuring out "networks" of people by studying who phones who. That way they won't have to deal with the "noise" created by millions of people rushing around doing inane things in panic. That way they'll be able to concentrate on those they may consider to be their most serious threat without significant distractions.
The payoff they would get from doing things that way is that if they can do it right, then when January 1, 2000 rolls around, the computers crash and the sheeple panic, there would be no effective patriot "leadership" left to contest the government's move into the New World Order. Otherwise, if the patriots are essentially left alone until then, they might just be able to have a large enough effect on enough people who would then be willing to listen to them, that the government's bid for a New World Order would fall short.
    Face it, there are a lot of people out there who aren't convinced of how bad things are here yet because they haven't experienced it themselves. However, once they do, they'll want to know why. The government doesn't have any good explanation for that. We do. We would also then be able to point out the disasterous problems with what the government would be trying to do then, and be able to point out how this was all made possible by specific governmental policies quoted from U.S. law, the Congressional Record, and other credible sources. The government will have to rely on platitudes put out by the mainstream media and beating people into submission. That would then become the recipe for an almost guaranteed patriot victory and a return to proper Constitutional government. Which is exactly what they don't want.
    So, my advice is to stay alert and prepare for the worst. Expect that it will happen soon. For if one has made proper plans and preparations ahead of time, then it is likely that most of their surprises will be pleasant ones. Do not, however, get so worked up over this that you are unable to live a normal life and enjoy the company of friends and family. While things could fall apart tomorrow, they could also run along more or less as normal for another couple of years yet. No sense in putting yourself through more stress and strain then you have to. But by all means, don't be less alert because you think that things won't happen until the computers go away. There are some very good reasons to think that things could get real interesting before then.
- Mike/North Central Florida Regional Militia
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These  are the personal views of Mike Johnson. He is the elected spokesman of the North Central Florida Regional Militia. They are neither endorsed nor supported by Citizens For Better Government. They are presented for informational purposes only. 
Last Revision: September 22, 1997