Cylinder Head Rebuild

    Over the next few months I will be rebuilding a spare cylinder head to be eventually installed on my Supra.  I am going to keep a small journal of my progress using this webpage and my trusty digital camera.  Hopefully I can learn some things during this process that may be handy for someone who is interested in doing this type of serious engine work.

4-11-2002 -Beginning disassembly, inspecting cams cam towers, getting familiar with the parts.

9-6-2002 -Update on what's going on, new parts, shopping list, plans.

12-31-2002 -Cleaning, inspecting and organizing valve train parts for reassembly.

1-10-2003 -Purchasing more parts, trouble finding some parts status update

1-14-2003 -Cylinder head returns from machine shop pictures.

1-15-2003 -Beginning porting and polishing the exhaust ports.

4-7-2003 -Porting the intake, includes both manifold parts and cylinder head intake ports.

4-19-2003 -Removing the old parts and installing the new. It's D-DAY!!!!!!  "NEW"

4-22-2003 -Final pictures and thoughts about the project. "NEW"