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       Well I'm happy to report the engine is all back together now and running well.  It pulls very strongly all the way to redline.  Here are a few final pictures of the project.

    Here I have everything almost done.  The radiator is in, the upper manifold and throttle body is in, and all the wires and fuel lines are connected.  I put in a new radiator and fan shroud while I had the old ugly ones out.  Not much left to do now really, just install the distributor and ignition wires, attach some vacuum lines, and install the strut tower brace.

    Here it is with everything back in and ready to go.  The engine fired right up immediately but I had a hard time getting it to accelerate due to a corroded TPS from when I hosed the throttle body down with carburetor cleaner, but it eventually fixed itself and is running great now. 

    I hope you have learned some things from my ordeal and are inspired to tackle a large project like this on your own.  Like I said all the work was done in the parking lot of my apartment with no shelter and only hand tools.  With the exception of the machine work of course which was done by J&K Machine Shop of Gainesville Florida.  


Created by Wesley Hetrick 5/24/2003