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Working on cleaning up and organizing parts to be ready to put it all back together.


I bought a 12 count muffin tray to organize the parts from my 12 valve cylinder head.  It is very important if you are reusing parts to put them back the same place they came out of.  This will make sure that all the parts stay together that need to.


Here you see a close-up shot of some of the parts.  The valve springs, hydraulic lifters, rocker arms, valve keepers, and the spring perches. 

I used a wire wheel on my bench grinder to clean the carbon buildup from the valves.  The exhaust valves are in very good shape and I will reuse them.  The intake valves are heavily pitted and I will be replacing these.

As I was cleaning all these parts I was inspecting them all for damage and wear.  Some of the lifters and rocker arms were oil starved at some point and had very harsh metal on metal contact that ruined them.  I have 2 sets of rocker arms and lifters that I will combine to make one good set. Below on the left is a bad lifter that shows heavy wear, on the right is a good lifter that is not worn just polished smooth and will be fine to reuse.


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